Other Green Tea

Green tea isn’t the sole preserve of China and Japan. Other regions also produce delicious varieties, including Thailand and Darjeeling in India.

Our Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar (Greenleaf) is a fine example of just such a green tea, which you can buy online right now. This comes from one the best-known tea gardens in Darjeeling, and has a taste that is by turns fruity, tart and curiously complex.

To keep expanding your tea-drinking horizons, try a different variety of green tea from the norm. And who knows? You may just discover a new favourite.


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Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )
Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )
A light-bodied organic green tea from Darjeeling Sold in 100g bags
Ronnefeldt Mae Salong Thai OolongRonnefeldt Mae Salong Thai Oolong
Rare Tea
Ronnefeldt Mae Salong Thai Oolong
A soft and sweet Oolong Also available in a gift tin. Sold in 100g bags. 

Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Korean FlowerRonnefeldt Tea Couture Korean Flower
Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Korean Flower
A superb green tea from the volcanic island of Jeju, enriched with a nutty-floral flavour Sold in 100g foil bags packed inside a decorative tea caddy tin