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Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )
Ronnefeldt Indian Greenleaf Organic ( North Tukvar )
A light-bodied organic green tea from Darjeeling Sold in 100g bags
Ronnefeldt Mae Salong Thai OolongRonnefeldt Mae Salong Thai Oolong
Rare Tea
Ronnefeldt Mae Salong Thai Oolong
A soft and sweet Oolong Also available in a gift tin. Sold in 100g bags. 

Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Korean FlowerRonnefeldt Tea Couture Korean Flower
Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Korean Flower
A superb green tea from the volcanic island of Jeju, enriched with a nutty-floral flavour Sold in 100g foil bags packed inside a decorative tea caddy tin  

Our Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar (Greenleaf) is a fine example of just such a green tea, which you can buy online right now. This comes from one the best-known tea gardens in Darjeeling, and has a taste that is by turns fruity, tart and curiously complex.