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Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Verbena TeaRonnefeldt Teavelope® Verbena Tea
Ronnefeldt Teavelope®
Verbena Tea
A delicious herbal infusion Infusion of essential oils and the fine taste of lemons. Caffeine free. 1 box contains 25 tea bags
Verbena Balm Leaves
Verbena Balm Leaves
A smooth and delicately fruity infusion with a natural lemony fragrance Caffeine free Sold in 100g 

Ronnefeldt LeafCup® Verveine Tea BagsRonnefeldt LeafCup® Verveine Tea Bags
Ronnefeldt LeafCup®
Verveine Tea Bags
Refreshing verbena diffuses a gentle lemony note Packed in an outer containing 90 teabags (6 boxes of 15 servings) Please allow 5 - 7 days for orders to be despatched  
Herbal Amour Loose Leaf
Herbal Amour Loose Leaf
A herbal love affair, a zesty and rejuvenating blend of herbs.  sold in 100g bags

Organic Verbena Leaf Tea Bags
Organic Verbena
Leaf Tea Bags
Fine, tasteful herbal infusion with a delicate, lemony fragrance 1 box contains 15 teabags
Ronnefeldt Tea-Caddy® Verbena (Verveine) Tea BagsRonnefeldt Tea-Caddy® Verbena (Verveine) Tea Bags
Ronnefeldt Tea-Caddy®
Verbena (Verveine) Tea Bags
Soothing Verbena with its subtle touch of lemon Packed in servings of 100 (5 boxes of 20 teabags) For use in teapots up to 0.45L Please allow 5 - 7 days for orders to be dispatched

Ayurveda Herbs and Ginger
Ayurveda Herbs and Ginger
This Ayurvedic tea has a powerful freshness of spicy ginger, lemon grass, liquorice and lemon verbena. Sold in 100g bags.   
Fitness Organic Herbal Tea
Fitness Organic
Herbal Tea
This herbal infusion exudes a fresh, cool lemon note as lemongrass and verbena unfold. Certified organic and naturally caffeine-free Sold in 100g bags