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Ronnefeldt Winter Fairy TaleRonnefeldt Winter Fairy Tale
Ronnefeldt Winter Fairy Tale
A flavoured black tea with orange, cinnamon and lulo fruit taste. The fragrance of seasonal spices blended with a delicious black tea from India - delightful and fairy like !
Mulled Wine SpiceMulled Wine Spice
Caffeine Free
Mulled Wine Spice
Just like you would imagine the time before Christmas - spicy and fruity fragrance, hints of sweetness and deep red colour. This alcohol free infusion tastes and warms you like a hot drink at the Christmas market but alcohol free. Brewing time 5-8 mins
Irish Malt Chocolate
A Cup of Tea Favourite
Irish Malt Chocolate
The extravagant flavour of Irish whisky with a hint of cocoa blended with a amazing black teas from India, Ceylon and China - delicious.
Ronnefeldt Sencha Orange & Thyme OrganicRonnefeldt Sencha Orange & Thyme Organic
Ronnefeldt Sencha Orange & Thyme Organic
A harmonious balance of Sencha and fruity, tart orange, refined with aromatic thyme and mild camomile blossoms. Brewing time 5-8 min