Mother's Day Gift Guide

We want to thank all those mums! We wouldn’t be here without you. And for those mums who love a good cuppa, we have a few ideas on how to say thank you. We genuinely think that mums, grandma’s, step-mums and anyone else who looks after us deserve a little appreciation as often as is possible. Happy Mother’s Day!



Organic Tea HamperOrganic Tea Hamper
Organic Tea Hamper
A selection of three of the best Ronnefeldt loose leaf organic teas The hamper includes: 100g Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic- Elegant flowery black tea with a delicious muscatel flavour 100g Natural Assam Organic- Top class, strong rare Assam tea with a honey-like flavour 100g Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic -Superb green tea with a gentle sweetness Comes with a 5cm tea ball all in a reusable wicker...
Wellness Tea CollectionWellness Tea Collection
Wellness Tea Collection
We’ve put together a selection of three of our favourite Ronnefeldt loose leaf wellness teas. Included in this collection are: 100g Ronnefeldt Best Balance - A smooth honey flavoured Rooibos 100g Ronnefeldt Feel Relaxed - A orange–cream flavoured herbal infusion 100g Ronnefeldt Sleep Well - A soothing, calming and relaxing herbal infusion with hints of caramel. Expertly blended to...
Tea Tasting Cup SetTea Tasting Cup Set
Tea Tasting Cup Set
Would you like to be a tea taster? The first step is a tea tasting set where you can brew a tea sample under perfect conditions. Once the tea is brewed simply put the lid on the cup and place it at 90 degrees in the into the bowl. The little teeth around the rim of the cup will strain the tea leaving the leaves behind for inspection.
Zaara Herb Tea Mug Matt 0.35L (4 colours)Zaara Herb Tea Mug Matt 0.35L (4 colours)
Zaara Herb Tea Mug Matt 0.35L (4 colours)
A high quality porcelain mug available in matt berry red, matt grey, matt petrol and matt sky blue. Each cup comes complete with a metal tea strainer and lid. The perfect way to make and enjoy a nice cup of loose leaf tea. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.
Trees Tea Caddy 250gTrees Tea Caddy 250g
Trees Tea Caddy 250g
A good large sized caddy for tea and other dry goods Two designs sold either individually or as a set Available in two colourways; Gingko green and Eucalyptus blue Food safe. Not suitable for dishwasher & microwave.
Betti Geometric Tea Caddy 100gBetti Geometric Tea Caddy 100g
Betti Geometric Tea Caddy 100g
Cool pastel colours in a charming geometric print make up this truly lovely caddy! A classic design and shape to store any loose produce in your kitchen. Square with a fitted lid. Sold individually.
Flower Girls Tea Caddy 100gFlower Girls Tea Caddy 100g
Flower Girls Tea Caddy 100g
A classic design and shape to store any loose produce in your kitchen. Delightful tea caddy with different flower girl embossed designs on each side.
Ronnefeldt Irish MaltRonnefeldt Irish Malt
Our Choice
Ronnefeldt Irish Malt
The extravagant flavour of Irish whisky with a hint of cocoa blended with an intensely malty Assam tea - delicious.
Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Rooibos WinterdreamRonnefeldt Teavelope® Rooibos Winterdream
Ronnefeldt Teavelope® Rooibos Winterdream
The taste of winter! Rich Rooibos with powerful aroma of winter spices, creamy caramel and oranges. Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness. Brewing time 5-8 minutes