Light and Refreshing Teas


Darjeeling teas are likely to become scarce following strikes and limited production in the region. This particularly affects second flush (summer) teas.

Did you know that Darjeeling isn't the only area with light and delicate mountain-grown teas? If you enjoy a Darjeeling we think you'll also appreciate the teas grown in Nepal and Sikkim. These teas share the same delicate and aromatic nature.
And there are still great First Flush spring-picked Darjeelings to drink. Including our delicious Badamtan First Flush.


Darjeeling Namring First Flush FTGFOP 1
Darjeeling Namring First Flush FTGFOP 1
One of the oldest tea estates in Darjeeling, Namring is well known for its excellent First Flush Teas. This particular Darjeeling is a premium First Flush with a memorable fresh, flowery taste, and a delicacy that only a Spring harvest can bring.