Japanese Matcha 'Hisui' Organic

Japanese Matcha 'Hisui' Organic

Japanese Matcha 'Hisui' Organic

Organic Matcha, mild, fruity and delicately tart. A delightful experience for every matcha lover. 

Sold in 100g bags


Japanese Matcha 'Hisui' Organic
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The name 'Hisui' simply means Jade - referring to the colour of the tea leaves used to make our matcha tea

About Matcha 

Matcha, the tea of teas - this fine, green powder is used for the traditional preparation of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The tea ceremony is an important part of Japanese culture with its roots in Zen Buddhism.

To create your own Tea Ceremony put 1g (about half a level teaspoon) of Matcha powder in a warmed bowl, add freshly pre-boiled water ideally at 80c - 90c and froth using a bamboo whisk for around 15 seconds. Once a fine foam appears on the surface, the tea is ready for drinking.

The smoothness of Matcha is created by stripping all the fine stems and veins from whole leaves before drying and careful grinding with granite mill wheels. This creates a very fine powder which completely disolves when well whisked meaning the whole leaf is drunk. The concentrated green tea powder is full of nutrients.

Packed in a resealable 100g bag. Ideally refrigerate after opening.

Cup Colour: emerald green 

Why not try a Matcha Latte with your new Matcha tea?  

Amount per cup: half a level teaspoon
half a level teaspoon
Cup Colour: Green

Certified organic

Spring picking

Green tea


26th May 2021
FabrizioPederzoli said...
"Good green tea tastes chlorophyll."
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