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Wooden Tea BoxWooden Tea Box
Wooden Tea Box
Wooden Tea Box (empty) Available in 6, 9 and 12 compartments Each compartment will hold around 10 teabags
from £31.00
Metal Tea Bag Caddy with 6 compartments
Pretty green pastel coloured tin for tea bags 6 compartment with hinged lid. A six compartment box teabag storage box. Ideal for our Teavelopes This six compartment box holds around 60 Teavelopes. Please check the dimensions below if you wish to use other teabags.  
Was £12.90 Now £9.80

Our boxes are available light wood, acrylic or tin. They are conveniently divided into four, six, nine or twelve compartments, to cater for teabag selections large or small.

Once you have chosen a display box, visit our Teavelope page to stock up on exquisite, high-quality tea in handy teabag form. If you’re lacking in time or feeling indecisive, why not opt for one of our ready-selected Teabag Collections, featuring some of our bestsellers?

For tea storage on the go, take a look at our beautiful handmade tea wallets. Each holds up to eight teabags, and folds conveniently to fit in your handbag or pocket.