Suffering from the winter blues? Our range of seasonal teas is sure to give you a warm glow inside

The days may be cold, the nights long and the sunshine a distant memory, but winter is not without its charms. Serene, snowy landscapes, roaring log fires and glistening Christmas trees are just some of our favourite festive delights.

Tea-lovers can enjoy an additional pleasure, of course – for this is the time of year when a cup of tea can be truly savoured. And if you’ve just come in from the chill of the great outdoors, our range of specially-selected teas is certain to provide you with plenty of warmth, revitalisation and seasonal cheer.

This time of year is known for its rich variety of plump fruits, wholesome nuts and aromatic spices. Walk around your local Christmas market and the air is shot through with the smell of cinnamon, oranges, roasting almonds and ginger.

It is exactly these warm flavours that we’ve used to infuse our range of black, white, green and herbal teas – and to good effect too. So whatever your tastes, we have the perfect brew to gently ease you into the festive spirit.

New for this year is White Christmas Dream. A white tea designed for a delicate palate, it blends pieces of orange with the subtle taste of sweet chestnut.

For those cosy moments when you’re snuggled up on the sofa, we recommend Christmas Surprise – a black tea from Ceylon that combines seasonal spices with the moreish taste of marzipan and cinnamon.

A further surprise is in store if you try Exotic Coconut. This intriguing black tea has a fresh, natural flavour infused with the sweet taste of coconut shavings and exotic citrus-like fruit. The result is a brew that we believe is deliciously different, and refreshing to drink at any time of the year.

Along with Winter Poetry and Christmas Punch, this season’s herbal infusions include the indulgent Christmas Cookies – a combination of soft rooibos, sweet honeybush, cinnamon, vanilla and orange. As the name suggests, this sweet treat is the perfect accompaniment to a slice of cake or a piece of Christmas pud.

Among our collection of seasonal green teas we have Christmas Fragrance, with its popular blend of orange, cinnamon and marzipan flavours, and Vanilla Apple. This marries the clean flavour of baked apple with the merest hint of sweet vanilla pods.

With all this choice, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you felt unable to decide on a specific tea. Don’t worry, though, because our Seasonal Tea Tasting Selection provides you with the perfect introduction to our range. It features 10 varieties of carefully chosen seasonal tea, and is designed to give you the best of everything.

Finally, if you fancy adding a bit of extra bite to your tea breaks this season, our new Ginger Corners quite literally fit the bill. Thanks to their triangular shape, they are designed for optimum dunk-ability, making them the perfect addition to your fireside cup of tea. 

5th December 2013

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