Ronnefeldt’s new Tea Couture range combines style with substance. We think it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a taste of the high life

We all know that tea is a drink for the discerning individual. Its delicate and complex flavours require a pitch-perfect palate – one that can appreciate the effort that goes in to every phase of tea manufacture.

Now, Ronnefeldt has decided to give tea drinkers an even more refined experience, with its new Tea Couture range. This offers a selection of loose leaf teas from the finest tea-growing regions of the world, and packages them in eye-catching tins that reflect the local colours.

Royal English Afternoon tea, for example, comes in a plaid-printed tin. Its lemony flavours make it a refreshing brew at any time of the day, but it works especially well when enjoyed with a slice of cake on a sunny afternoon.

The same could be said of Splendid Spring Darjeeling – a classic first flush Darjeeling that delivers delicious floral notes and a striking aromatic flavour. It’s arguably one of the best-quality teas available, which makes it the perfect addition to this exclusive range.

For a more indulgent flavour, try Rooibos Chocolate Truffle. This South African blend delivers – quite literally – exactly what it says on the tin, giving all the luxurious flavour of chocolate with none of the calorific guilt. Featuring an overtone of vanilla, it’s a memorable taste that will leave you eager to enjoy a second cup.

One of the great appeals of the Tea Couture line-up is the opportunity it presents to sample unfamiliar flavours. They don’t come much less familiar that Masala Chai, a traditional Indian tea drunk with milk and sugar. It is reminiscent of the Chai Lattes that have grown in popularity over recent years, but offers a more select mix of tastes that has better balance, and more intensity.

Whatever your tea-drinking fancy, Tea Couture is a perfect way to indulge. From the minute you reach for the tin, you’ll feel better about life - and we think that’s what drinking fine tea is all about.

Check out the full range on the Tea Couture section of our website.

16th September 2013

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