If there's one thing that can be said with confidence about the summer of 2013, it's that the weather has been, well, peculiar. One minute we're basking in 30-degree heat, and the next we're reaching for our fleeces and hunkering inside from the rain.

At least you can rely on one constant in the midst of this climatic chaos, however: with a cup of tea in your hand, life seems a whole lot better. 

When the mercury rises, there is no need to forgo your favourite tipple. Simply brew up some iced tea and enjoy a refreshing glass while resting from the heat. And even if things don't hot up, there's still every reason to indulge in a cooled-down cuppa - after all, there are few more pleasurable ways to stay hydrated, whatever the weather.

To help you experience new iced tea flavours this summer, we're giving away two free samples. They're both ideally suited for use as long, cool drinks - providing the perfect excuse to chill out on a summer's day.

Our first free sample is the archetypal base for he iced tea: Ronnefeldt Lemon Classic. this combines aromatic Assam tea with zesty lemon, generating a light and fruity drink that really peps you up in the heat of summer.

Thanks to it's thirst quenching flavour, Lemon Classic is ideal for wetting your whistle, and it also works very well if sonsumed hot, in the traditional way.

The same is true of the second free sample: Ronnefeldt Rooibos Cream Orange. A soft, indulgent flavour characterises this tea, which combines Soth African Redbush with a sooting vanilla flavour and fragrant orange peel. The result is a tea that has all the taste of a beach- side ice creamcon, with none of the calories.

To make either of these ( or any black, green or oolong tea for that matter) into a delicious jug of iced tea, simply brew double the normal quantity of the leaves, and pour immediately onto ice cubes to lock in the flavour. Store the liquid in the fridge until you're ready to drink it, adding extra ice if needed. Then get out the patio furniture, and prepare to relax.

While we're on the subject of iced tea, it's also worth encouraging you to avoid mass-produced bottles masquerading as the stuff. These are usually chock full of sweetners, and offer few of the benfits of a freshly made brew.

For healthy and refreshing way to drink iced tea, therefore, you're best to make your own. And there are few better ways to start the than with our free samples, which may just broaden your tastes when it comes to keeping cool this summer.


8th August 2013

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