It’s time to bring out the bunting and dust off our finest china. Cup of Tea is 10 this month, while our supplier Ronnefeldt turns 190. Here’s how we’re marking this double celebration

Birthdays can be a time to look back on one’s life and take stock of all that’s been achieved, and all the opportunities still to come.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Cup of Tea over the past few weeks, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our business.

It’s hard to believe this milestone has come around so soon. One minute we were starting up a website selling great quality tea online, with boxes of stock piled all around us and a whole country to educate about the delights of speciality tea.

The next minute, we’re a decade old, with a loyal customer base and a burgeoning reputation as a supplier to individuals and companies throughout the UK.

One thing that hasn’t changed in that time is our passion for tea. We still feel a buzz of excitement when a new consignment arrives at Cup of Tea HQ. And the teapot is always steaming, thanks to some delicious brew or other that is keeping us sustained throughout the day.

Our team has grown over the last 10 years, so that we’re now a veritable family of tea lovers, united by our desire to spread the word about our favourite tipple. It helps that we have a great supplier in the form of Ronnefeldt, of course – making it fitting that 2013 should mark a historic moment in that company’s history, as well.

Ronnefeldt turns 190 this year, and is celebrating with a limited-edition tea and mug. The latter is filled with Green Osmanthus leaves – a mix of Green Tea Mao Feng and Osmanthus blossoms that results in a wonderfully scented cuppa with a rich, fruity taste.

Both the mug and tin feature a logo used to advertise Ronnefeldt in 1904, which was designed by acclaimed artist Hans Christiansen. It takes the form of a “green dragon” – the symbol for green tea – and is printed in gold as a reminder of Ronnefeldt’s history.

This began in Frankfurt in 1823, when Johann-Tobias Ronnefeldt decided to set up his own tea house in the old part of the city. Despite Johann-Tobias’ death in 1845, the Frankfurt tea house became a hub from which Ronnefeldt’s business grew – and it now stretches across the globe with its network of tea growers, tasters and sellers.

At Cup of Tea, we’re proud to play our part in this heritage, by bringing Ronnefeldt’s range of teas to UK customers. So 2013 is very much a joint celebration, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us during the next 10 years… let alone the next 190!

26th June 2013

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