With the Christmas leftovers finished and the drinks cabinet a shadow of its former self, many of us have healthy intentions for the month ahead.


If, like us, you’re planning a New Year detox, our delicious fruit and herbal infusions are sure to help you on your way. 


To help you narrow down your options, we’ve asked Sarah, one of our customers, to give us her verdict on our Herbal Tea Tasting Selection from Ronnefeldt.


  • Best Balance: a blend of rooibos and eight herbs, including camomile petals, fennel, ginseng, blackberry leaves and anise

Sarah says: “No one herb dominates this infusion – meaning it really does live up to its name. I enjoyed its slightly creamy, honey-like notes.”


  • Maqui Mandra: a mild, green rooibos combined with the rare South American maqui berry

Sarah says: “The beautiful appearance of this infusion, with its colourful papaya berries, elderberries and flower petals, promises a mouthwatering taste experience. And it certainly doesn’t disappoint: the fruity flavour is both delicate and varied.”


  • Honeybush Cream Cocktail: a gentle rooibos blended with vanilla and brilliant yellow flowers

Sarah says: “This brew has a soft pink cup colour and a mellow vanilla flavour. Although I’m not a great fan of vanilla, I found it to be a palatable and relaxing blend.”


  • Amaretto and Prickly Pear:  a soft, fruity blend of amaretto, herbs and pear

Sarah says: “This is an unusual combination of flavours to find in your teacup, and one that works extremely well. The amaretto aroma entices you to take your first sip, which delivers that characteristic almond flavour, followed closely by an aftertaste of pear. This put me in mind of Christmas, and proved to be a real pick-me-up on an otherwise gloomy January morning.”


  • Strawberry Cream: green rooibos with sweet pieces of strawberry and a touch of cream

Sarah says: “I thought I might find this brew too sweet, but was pleasantly surprised by the delicate balance of flavours. The taste is mellow, velvety and very gentle on the palate. Take a sip, and you experience a delicious creaminess combined with just the faintest hint of strawberry. I imagine it would be perfect for sipping in the garden on a warm summer’s day.”


  • Orange Cream: a full-bodied rooibos blended with the peel of ripe oranges, and a creamy vanilla flavour

Sarah says: “I found the fruit flavour of this infusion to be more prominent than that of its strawberry counterpart. Personally, I prefer the Strawberry Cream – but this nonetheless delivered a flavour that was at once citrusy and deliciously smooth.”


  • Rooibos Lemon: another rooibos blend – this time, infused with the zesty flavour of lemons

Sarah says: “An uplifting, tangy and palate-cleansing blend, whose flavours linger agreeably in the mouth. This would go down very well after a rich meal. For me, I think this has to be the winner.”


  • All Seasons: carefully selected herbs create a soothing blend ideal for any time of the year

Sarah says: “This has a herby flavour that, although hard to pin down, is very palatable. It delivers a slight liquorice/aniseed aftertaste, and leaves the tongue pleasantly tingling.”


  • Ginger with Herbs: a loose ginger tea infused with a hint of lemongrass and liquorice

Sarah says: “As someone with a lifelong aversion to ginger, I didn’t think it fair to pass judgment on this blend. Instead, I passed the responsibility to my husband, who found the aroma of this infusion to be soothing and calming. He enjoyed its delicate flavour with spicy overtones, and the invigorating kick delivered by the ginger.”


  • Spicy Ginger: the exotic guanabana tree fruit blended with ginger, lemongrass, pepper and other herbs

Sarah says: “Another one for my husband to try. He loved the cinnamony aroma that emanates from this infusion, and the sweet cinnamon notes that it delivers on the palate. The flavour reminded him of eating a bastilla pie in the Moroccan desert – minus the chicken, of course! Despite its name, he found this blend to have less of a kick than the Ginger with Herbs.”


Are you a sucker for strawberry or a glutton for ginger? Do you have a longing for lemon or a craving for cream? If so, give our herbal selection a try for yourself. And, once you have, we’d love to hear your views.

8th January 2013

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