As a fabulous British bonanza unfolds this summer, Cup of Tea is with you all the way. Check out our range of British tea accessories, and quintessential British brews.

Oh, to be British in the summer of 2012. It’s time to break out the bunting, dust off your Union Jack, and exercise your vocal cords. Why? Because this is a year of plenitude when it comes to patriotic fervour. And, with our range of delicious teas and Great British tea accessories, we’d like to help you make the most of proceedings.

The first of our big British celebrations has already got underway. We’re talking, of course, about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. After 60 years on the throne, we think Queen Elizabeth II deserves a pat on the back, and the Jubilee year is a perfect opportunity to thank her for her years of faithful service.

Although the Jubilee tour has already begun, the main event is the double bank holiday at the start of June. This provides the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family, and celebrate all that it means to be British.

Of course, tea plays a central role in our national identity. So it seems fitting to celebrate the Queen’s achievement with a cuppa or two. Our range of teas and accessories will give your party a distinctively British theme – helping to top up your nationalistic pride as you toast the Queen on her big day.

Where better to start, than with our fittingly named Queen’s Tea? This original royal recipe blends a flowery Darjeeling with a fruity Ceylon to produce a flavour fit for a monarch. And if you need somewhere safe to store these fragrant leaves, you’ll struggle to find a more suitable receptacle than our So British tea caddy.

Next up is that great British favourite: Earl Grey. Chinese black tea combines with bergamot oil to create a drink that’s delicate and refreshing. When it comes to storage for this tea, we recommend the striking So British bus tin.

Last but not least, take a look at our invigorating peppermint and calming chamomile teas. Not only will they look perfectly at home in our specially designed peppermint and chamomile tea caddies, but they’ll also stay fresh and tasty all summer long. 

As if the Jubilee wasn’t enough excitement in one year for our small nation, another British bonanza follows hot on its heels, in the form a summer of sport. Not only will England’s capital play host to athletes from around the world, but our national football team will also be wowing us with their fancy footwork. And, to complete the hat trick, we have a British club competing in the Champions League final.

All that effort is likely to generate a thirst, but fortunately Cup of Tea stocks a range of flavoursome teas that will help keep you refreshed as you watch the action unfold. Take our English Breakfast Tea as an example. This delivers a quintessentially British taste experience, providing a perfect complement to the summer’s fiesta of fun.

26th April 2012

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