Enjoy the white stuff, as the sunshine fades

As we enjoy the last vestiges of summer, we think there is one more type of tea that's worth having on your radar before the month is out - if it isn't there already. White tea is a light, refreshing tea that holds the honour of being one of the finest in the world.

White tea is produced almost exclusively in the Fujian province of China. It is made from the younger leaves and unopened buds of the tea plant, whose delicate, silvery-white hairs give white tea leaves their pale appearance... and white tea its name.

Silver Needle is among the most sought-after of the white tea varieties. It is produced solely from tea buds, which can only be harvested on two days in early spring. Our China White Yin Zhen Silver Needle Organic is a fine example of this type of white tea, with its blossom-like fragrance and silky, mild taste.

White Peony is made from a combination of tea buds and very young tea leaves. Once picked, withered and dried, the buds have the appearance of small white blossoms among a bed of tiny leaves - hence the name of this special variety of white tea. Our award-winning Pai Mu Tan has a beautifully sweet, subtle aroma and smooth, fresh taste.

White tea is the least-processed of all types of tea. It undergoes a simple process of picking, withering and drying, without any of the panning, rolling or fermentation involved in other types of tea production. Because of this, it retains many of the nutrients and anti-oxidants that occur naturally in the buds and leaves of the tea plant - making it even better for your wellbeing than the famously health-giving green tea.

If you prefer your tea with a more pronounced flavour, why not try one of our flavoured white teas? Our White Peach (Glory) and White Melon combine the subtle taste of white tea with delicate, fruity tones that complement it perfectly.

So give the final throes of summer a welcome boost, and sample the flavour of delicious white tea. It's a delicate treat that is perfectly suited to balmy late-summer evenings on the terrace.

22nd August 2011

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