Cup of Tea's Jasmine Xian Yu picks up Great Taste Award


Flavoured green tea awarded a 2* Gold at the Great Taste Awards. What better excuse to blow our own trumpet..?


One of the most rewarding aspects of running Cup of Tea is when the quality of our teas is recognised. It's great, for example, when customers offer feedback about our range of speciality teas. After all, it is always a delight to hear that other people agree with our view that it's worth searching for quality to find the perfect cup of tea.


But, every so often, it does our egos good to have a bit of recognition from the experts. That's exactly what happened last month, after our Jasmine Xian Yu received a 2* Gold at the Great Taste Awards.


The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guild of Fine Foods, and are designed to support independent retailers of quality food and drink. The judges in each category are specialists in their field - which means that recognition in the top honours is a real fillip.


We were delighted that our delicate-tasting Jasmine Xian Yu scooped a 2* Gold - not least, because it is one of our own favourite teas. Cup of Tea has been selling the Chinese flavoured green tea for many years, and it's very popular among our customers.


The key to the distinctive flavour of Cup of Tea's Jasmine Xian Yu is that actual Jasmine blossom is used to give it a pleasing lightness of flavour. The petals are removed once the green tea has picked up enough of the fragrance - and judging that is a matter of experience.


That's why Cup of Tea draws upon more than 100 years of tea-making expertise in sourcing our range of speciality teas. We know that finding the right blend of flavours is a real art, and we work hard to find products that reflect this craftsmanship.


Our Jasmine Xian Yu is a perfect example of a flavoured green tea that has a subtle fragrance - something the Great Taste Awards judges noticed immediately. It sits well after a meal, and is a natural complement to spicy foods such as Chinese, Thai or Indian curries. Green tea has a cleansing effect on the palate, which neutralises the heat of your food and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.


Of course, we're bound to say that Jasmine Xian Yu is a delicious flavoured green tea to drink at any time. But at least our 2* Gold certificate shows that we're not completely biased. Industry experts have favoured it over offerings from other, more mainstream, suppliers - and that's all the encouragement we need to carry on spreading the word about our range of speciality teas.


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23rd August 2010

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