Wellness Teas You Need in Your Life

With wellness in mind this January, we're thinking of getting good sleep, upping our hydration and antioxidant levels and good gut health. There are many ways to encourage these, and the good news is that we have teas that can help at Cup of Tea. 

From herbal infusions to tea blends, a brew can boost your wellness with just a hot cup of water and a spoonful of herbs. Herbs, throughout the centuries, have been reputed to have incredible healing, health and mindful properties. Some are great for aiding sleep and digestion, while others help to calm or inspire. The natural world is full of gentle ways of helping us, so if you're keen to benefit from the wonders of tea, read on!

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, our herbal and wellness teas offer a beneficial alternative to regular tea while helping to detoxify and boost our energy. In our Wellness Teas You Need in Your Life guide, you will find organic blends, eco-friendly tea bags, and caffeine-free and exciting wellness-boosting infusions to keep you in tip-top spirit this January. 


Feel Balanced Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea

Organic | Caffeine-Free

A new addition to our range is the organic Feel Balanced loose-leaf tea. The herbal infusion is delicious with sweet fruity notes and the perfect tea to warm and relax. This expertly blended tea contains cinnamon, apple, fennel, caraway, nettle leaves, lemongrass, rosehip, lemon peel and dandelion. 

We love it because it has the right balance of sweetness with tangy tartness – it's a feel-good tea!

Feel Balanced loose leaf tea


Wellness Chai Loose-Leaf Tea


Our organic Wellness Chai loose-leaf tea is a green tea infused with spices and orange. It is perfectly balanced, offering tart, bold gunpowder nuances with lively orange, peppermint and chai spices. The tea is tangy, fresh, and warming and creates a truly balanced treat!

Wellness Chai Organic


Eco-Friendly Spice of Life Teabags

Organic | Vegan | Eco-friendly | Caffeine-Free

Our Spice of Life Teabags are packed with the perfect blend of ginger, lemongrass, mint, liquorice, lemon zest and lemon myrtle.

The Spice of Life herbal tea can be described as 'sparkling' because of its refreshing, sweet, slightly spicy flavour.

Eco-Friendly Spice of Life TeabagsEco-Friendly Spice of Life Teabags


Feel Relaxed Loose-Leaf Tea


Our Feel Relaxed Tea is a calming and delicious flavoured herbal infusion. It has the subtle taste of oranges and cream that helps you relax and ease stress and tension. Expertly blended herbs such as Rooibos, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, and sunflower and cornflower petals create a soothing brew that is delicious and naturally caffeine-free.

It's a tea for when your mind is over-wandering, and you need a little help to relax.

Feel relaxed loose leaf tea


Matcha Midori 


Matcha is one of the most revered green teas and is known for its luscious emerald colour and delicately sweet taste. It is respected and popular worldwide because of its proven health benefits. The concentrated green tea powder is full of nutrients and contains ten times the number of antioxidants of a regular cup of green tea. It is said to improve the brain's function, assist liver cell regeneration, and help with many other things.

Our organic Matcha Midori is a mild and fruity Matcha. It is gentle, delicately tart, sweet and very tempting. This Matcha has an edge of natural fruitiness that is like no other.

The cup is stunning emerald green, and the nose is green and floral.

Matcha Midori OrganicMatcha Midori Organic


Sleep Well Loose-Leaf Tea


Our Sleep Well Tea is an excellent herbal tea with warming caramel notes. The infusion aims to soothe and help with sleep - one of the key elements to boost your wellness! The calming herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free with vitamin-rich South African Rooibos, anise, balm, blackberry leaves, and liquorice.

Sleep Well is ideal just before bed because the soothing combination of ingredients is perfectly balanced to aid sleep.

Sleep Well loose leaf tea



Best Balance Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea


One of our best-sellers, our Best Balance tea, is a smooth blend of Rooibos tea with honeybush, aniseed, fennel, and camomile with the taste of honey. A naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion is perfectly balanced, promoting relaxation, which is essential for promoting wellness. 

 Best Balance loose leaf tea

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29th February 2024

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