Teas Infusions Featuring Orange

We love fruit tea, and when it features orange, even better. Orange is the perfect fruit for tea infusions because it offers wonderfully refreshing aromas and delightful flavour profiles spanning sweet and sour notes. Dried orange peel benefits from essential oils that are locked in during the drying process. These are released when they come in contact with hot water, creating a delightfully refreshing and warming scent. Orange-infused teas are also very festive and ignite warming thoughts synonymous with Christmas. We love teas that are infused with oranges and spices for the ultimate flavour combination. 

Ginger Orange Cinnamon loose leaf tea


Benefits of Orange Peel

Orange peel contains pectin, which is considered beneficial to the bowel. Orange peel may also improve overall digestive health and fight acidity and heartburn. In addition, according to some experts, citrus fruits, including oranges, inspire the metabolism to work, so it's ideal after a heavy meal.

Orange peel contains high levels of vitamin C. A single tablespoon of shredded orange peel contains almost three times more vitamin C than a tablespoon of the fruit. It's not only great for the immune system but also for the skin. Vitamin C is excellent for healing minor wounds such as acne or skin damage and offers a natural boost to your skin. 

Here are our favourite teas that feature orange. Our guide includes a mixture of black, green, herbal and fruit teas to ensure an orange-infused tea to suit all tastes!


Assam Ginger Orange Loose-Leaf Tea

Our team loves our new Assam Ginger & Orange loose-leaf tea. It's a flavoured tea infusion of black Assam tea with ginger and blood orange. This tea is bold, warming, and expertly blended with natural spicy ginger and orange pieces.

This infusion offers the ultimate cosy-inducing brew.

Assam Ginger Orange


Rooibos Cream Orange Loose-Leaf Tea

One of our all-time bestsellers, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold South African Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Rooibos is entirely caffeine-free and is as robust in taste as some black teas. It's revitalizing and aromatic, and this orange and cream infusion can be drunk by the gallon.

Rooibos Cream Orange loose leaf tea


Ceylon Orange Pekoe Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is a classic black Ceylon tea. It is full-bodied and aromatic and a well-balanced leaf tea blend from the tea estates of the Dimbula district in the South-West of Ceylon. 

Here's a curve ball! Many of you would have heard of 'orange pekoe'. However, 'orange' does not refer to an orange flavour. Instead, it's a way of grading the origin of the tea leaves. To be classified as pekoe, the tea must be composed purely of the new flushes - a flush being the leaf bud plucked with the two youngest leaves. 

The 'orange' part is most likely associated with the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch royal family was of the House of Orange, and in the 1600s, the company brought teas to Europe and only the best of the black teas were reserved for the royal family. So when it was introduced to the public, it became known as the 'orange' pekoe, associating it with the highest of societies. 

Ceylon Orange Pekoe


Ginger Orange Cinnamon Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Ginger Orange Cinnamon tea is a delicious fruit infusion with apple, hibiscus, Rooibos, candied pineapple, ginger, cinnamon and orange. The caffeine-free tea is refreshing and revitalizing and smells incredible. 

Ginger Orange Cinnamon loose leaf tea


Orange Blossom Oolong Loose-Leaf Tea

We love this aromatic mix of Oolong, black tea and oranges. It's a lively aromatic, fruity Oolong blend that offers a fresh taste of oranges and blossoms. Interestingly, Oolong is neither black nor green tea, so it provides a new taste experience that works beautifully with hints of orange. 

Orange Blossom oolong



Winter Fairy Tale Loose-Leaf Tea

Our new Winter Fairy Tale is a very festive seasonal tea. A delightful tea packed full of the best ingredients, including black tea, star anise, rose petals, orange peel, cinnamon and cloves. With wonderful seasonal aromas, this tea is best sipped in front of a roaring fire.

Winter Fairy Tale loose leaf tea


Organic Wellness Chai Loose-Leaf Tea

Our organic Wellness Chai loose-leaf tea is a green tea infused with spices and orange. It is perfectly balanced, offering tart, bold gunpowder nuances with lively orange, peppermint and chai spices. The tea is tangy, fresh, and warming, and creates a truly balanced treat!

Wellness Chai Organic


Teavelope Rooibos Winterdream Tea Bags

Everyone who tries our Rooibos Winterdream tea loves it. It's full of delicious winter-warming flavours, including Rooibos, blackberry leaves, cinnamon, orange peel and cloves. 

The rich caffeine-free Rooibos tea, with the powerful aroma of winter spices, is creamy with caramel and aromatic with orange.

Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness


Orange Paradox Tea Timer

We will always use a tea timer to brew our tea, as timing is crucial to get the best out of the tea leaves. Leave a teabag or loose-leaf tea to brew for too long could result in a filmy, bitter brew, so we always time our tea. 

Our Paradox Timers are bright, eye-catching, and fun, making them the perfect tea accessory in the kitchen. 

Paradox Tea Timer Orange


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7th November 2023

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