Flavoured Green Teas

 At Cup of Tea, we love green tea! It is refreshing, energising, and benefits from many flavours and nuances. Sometimes blended with fragrant flavours such as jasmine or exotic fruits, it can offer a plethora of notes and nuances, which are delicious. 

Flavoured Green Teas


About Green Teas

Like oolong and black teas, green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves. However, green tea is unique because the leaves do not undergo the same withering and oxidation process used to make other teas. Rather than being withered, rolled, fermented and dried, the leaves are steamed or fried. This process gives a much fairer colour that is lighter and greenish. This lighter process makes green tea ideal for flavouring because of its subtle and complementary characteristics. 

Green teas work beautifully with citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Some of the finest flavoured green teas are infused with mango, lemon, ginger and fragrant jasmine. 


Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

In some restaurants, we’re often offered green tea when asking for herbal tea. However, green tea does contain caffeine but far less when compared to an equal amount of black tea and even less than coffee. Because tea acts as a brain stimulant, some people find that drinking green tea increases energy levels, concentration and mood.

As a certified organic retailer, we stock both organic and non-organic green teas. If you’re interested in wellness or ethical shopping, this may be of significance to you. 

Here are some of our favourite flavoured green teas – loose-leaf and real-leaf teabags to get you started on your green tea adventure.


Morning Dew – Loose-leaf Tea

Our Morning Dew is our best-selling and award-winning flavoured green tea. The blend is expertly composed of large-leaf Sencha green tea with sunflower, rose, and cornflower blossoms with mango and citrus nuances. It’s sweetly delicious and refreshing, and once you try it, you’ll never go back!

Morning Dew loose leaf tea


Green Ginger and Lemon – Loose-leaf Tea

Our Green Ginger and Lemon loose-leaf tea is a refreshingly citrusy infusion with fiery ginger and zingy lemon. A perfectly balanced blend of Chinese green sencha tea with enlivening fire and fruit. The tea is an elegant and fresh sencha tea with real ginger pieces, lemon peel and sunflower blossoms.

Green ginger and lemon loose leaf tea


Teavelope Organic Green Angel – Tea Bags

One of our most popular Teavelope flavours, Green Angel tea, is light and refreshing. A fabulous fusion of organic green tea and subtle sweetness from pear and peach flavours. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope Green Angel teabags



Sencha Earl Grey – Loose-leaf Tea

If you love Earl Grey tea and want to try something a little different, then give our Earl Grey Sencha a go. This loose-leaf tea is a lovely combination of green tea and bergamot flavour you’d expect with a classic black tea Earl Grey.

Sencha Earl grey



Jasmine with Petals – Loose-Leaf Tea 

Our Jasmine with Petals loose-leaf tea is a floral jasmine tea with real flower petals. A gentle blend of pure Chinese green tea is refined with delicate jasmine flowers to create perfect harmony. This flavoured green tea offers an aromatic, yellow-green cup with floral notes. 

Jasmine with petals loose leaf tea



Teavelope Jasmine Green Tea – Tea Bags

A nicely fragrant and pleasant flavoured green tea flavoured with delicate jasmine petals. The jasmine blossoms diffuse their fragrance over the green tea, which is harvested in the summer. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.


Flavoured Green Tea & Mug Gift Set

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who loves green tea, then our Flavoured Green Tea & Mug Gift Set is ideal and comes with a stylish porcelain mug with a tea filter and delicious green ginger and lemon flavoured tea. 

The Flavoured Green and Mug Tea Gift Set contains: 

Zaara Herb Mug 0.35L Black - Porcelain tea mug with a metal tea strainer and lid. A perfect cup for your favourite tea or infusion. Dishwasher safe.

100g Green Ginger and Lemon - A flavoured blend of Chinese green sencha tea with ginger and lemon. The fiery ginger and fruity lemon will enliven the nose and palate. This is an elegant, fresh and very fine flavoured tea.

Flavoured green Tea Gift set



How to Brew Green Tea


  • Boil filtered cold water
  • Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer or filter basket
  • Pour over the hot (80 degrees) water
  • Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time (2-3 minutes)
  • Strain the tea
  • Sweeten the tea with sugar lumps or honey to taste (we don’t recommend adding milk!)
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28th September 2023

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