What's Your Ideal Tea?

Have you ever wondered what your ideal tea is? Aside from your classic morning cup of tea, do you consider your likes when choosing tea, or do you stick to what you know? 

At Cup of Tea, our team is as unique as their taste in tea. Some of us will always opt for a classic green tea, while others will only drink a Darjeeling tea in the afternoons. We also have individuals who opt for caffeine-free teas and drink herbal and fruit tea infusions by the gallon. There's always a bit of a discussion about our morning tea because we all have an ideal tea. 

So how do you figure out your ideal tea? Let's ask a few questions to find out. 

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How Much Caffeine Do You Want? 

Traditional tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant contain naturally occurring caffeine which is a stimulant. Caffeine-free teas don't have any amounts of caffeine, while decaffeinated teas contain caffeine which is later removed. Decaffeinated tea typically contains 2mgs of caffeine, as the decaffeination process can't altogether remove it. 

Black and Oolong teas contain the most caffeine, although not as much as coffee. To produce black and oolong teas, mature tea leaves are fermented, oxidized, dried, and rolled after harvesting.

Green teas have slightly less caffeine as younger leaves are used and not fermented but scalded, oxidized, dried and rolled.

White tea has the least caffeine because it goes through the same process as green tea without being scalded. Instead, the very young leaves are steamed to activate the flavour and aroma. 

Generally, all herbal teas contain zero caffeine. Some restaurants will suggest green tea in their herbal tea selection, but it's not a true herbal tea because it is made from the same plant as black tea! All herbs are naturally caffeine-free, but if your tea infusion or blend contains cacao or mate, there will be some form of caffeine in the brew.


Best Black Tea for an Afternoon Boost – Organic Assam Garden Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Assam Garden Tea is a characterful, robust and malty Assam from northeast India. Produced by experts, this tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic tea growing. We love it with a splash of milk and a slice of cake in the afternoons.

Assam Garden Organic loose leaf tea



Are you Drinking Tea for Wellness?

Tea can really boost your health. It's incredibly humbling to know that you can add a bit of wellness to your day with just a cup of hot water and a spoonful of herbs. At Cup of Tea, we love all tea but drink many herbal and fruit infusions to promote our wellbeing. We know the importance of hydration, but herbs can help to balance our bodies and minds. 

Herbs, throughout the centuries, have been reputed to have incredible healing, wellness and mindful properties. Some are great for aiding sleep and digestion, while others help to calm or inspire. The natural world is full of gentle and natural ways of helping us.

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, our herbal and wellness teas offer a beneficial alternative to regular tea and coffee while helping to detoxify and boost our energy.


Best Wellness Boosting Tea - Best Balance Loose-Leaf Tea 

Our Best Balance Tea is a smooth blend of Rooibos tea with honeybush, aniseed, fennel, and camomile with the taste of honey. A naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion is a balanced blend of a bold red bush with enlivening herbs. High in vitamin C and full of antioxidants and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, Rooibos also contains alpha-hydroxy acid to promote good skin health.

Best Balance loose leaf tea



Do You Want Tea with Less Waste?

When searching for your ideal tea, you may be looking for teas that have less impact on our planet. 

At Cup of Tea, the issue is often at the forefront of our minds, and we aim to send as little to landfills as possible. No mean feat in life or business, but even the little things help tremendously. The main aim is to reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot. It's not about perfection; it's about making better choices. We sell a tremendous amount of loose-leaf tea directly to customers, which means less waste! We also sell a selection of tea in 1kg bulk bags to limit packaging even further. 


Best Bulk Buy Green Tea – Organic Sweet Pi Lo Chun Loose-leaf Tea

Our Sweet Pi Lo Chun is a delightfully light green tea with hints of natural fruitiness.

A firm favourite in China, it is grown at the Qingshan tea garden in the Chinese province of Hunan. The tea garden is set in the mountains at an altitude of around 750m. And of the 200 families living in the area, 148 are involved in producing it.

Pi: Colour of the tea (green like an emerald)

Lo: Shape of the leaves (tiny snails)

Chun: Spring (harvest time)

Our Pi Lo Chun boasts a bright yellow-green cup colour with finely tart and sweet nuances and finishes on a light floral note. And it comes in 1kg bags for less waste!

Sweet Pi Lo Chun loose leaf tea



Are you Searching for a Fruit Tea that Actually Tastes Fruity? 

If you're sick and tired of sour-tasting fruit teas, consider this. What makes a fruit tea really tasty? The simple answer is real fruit.

Our teas contain no artificial flavours and offer only the highest quality ingredients and fruit juice concentrates. They are naturally sweet but do not have the overpowering sweetness of sugar. Fruit Tea is made by cutting or grating the chosen fruits into small pieces and then drying them. The teas are produced by blending various dried fruits; some contain up to ten different ingredients. The skill in blending the mix is to achieve the right balance and the perfect taste experience. 


Best Fruit Tea for Real Fruit Juiciness - Cherry Dreams Loose-Leaf Tea

Cherry Dreams is a genuinely fruity infusion. With deep cherry flavours and a hint of mint, this refreshing tea contains 20% of cherry pieces and elderberries, blueberries, rosehip, elderflowers, blackberry leaves and cranberry. To counteract the sweetness of the cherries, mint is perfectly blended to ensure the ideal flavour in the cup.

Cherry Dreams loose leaf tea

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16th September 2023

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