New To Loose-Leaf Tea? Start Here!

If you're new to loose-leaf tea, look no further! We've created the ultimate loose-leaf tea guide to help you with your tea-tasting journey.

Loose-leaf tea will give you more flavour because it has gone through less handling. This is because the less the tea leaves have endured, the less goodness is lost, and tea contains antioxidants and vitamins, which we need.

One of the most significant aspects that make loose-leaf tea so enjoyable is the quality of flavour and aroma. The bigger the tea leaves, the more natural oils and flavours are infused in your teapot or cup. Unfortunately, tea bags can contain dust, which loses some potency, which is why real-leaf tea will give you a better tasting and smelling cuppa.

Loose-leaf tea also offers a 'cleaner' and more refreshing taste. It will reveal nuances such as sweet, floral, malty and grassy, making a good cup of tea great.

Another benefit to exploring the world of loose-leaf teas is the sheer variety. There are many black, white and green teas to try that would ordinarily not be bagged. We stock over forty types of non-flavoured black teas alone, and these are just some of our favourites!

Loose-leaf tea is also better from an environmental point of view because less waste is produced in the production and disposal of the tea. A win, win in our eyes if you consider that 61 billion tea bags are consumed by Britons each year. And most of those will not be compostable.

Some people can be put off by loose-leaf tea because of the time involved in making tea. However, it doesn't take much longer, and you'll be pleased with the results.

What you need are a few gadgets to make your loose-leaf tea journey a more pleasurable one.




When choosing the perfect teapot, there are a few considerations. Whether you're looking for a large teapot for the whole family or one with a built-in filter for loose-leaf teas in the home office, we have all the teapots covered.
Our teapot range is exclusively hand-picked by our tea experts here at Cup of Tea and features glass, china, porcelain and cast-iron teapots. From contemporary and cool to classic and colourful, we have little and big family-sized teapots and handy pots for one. Some of our teapots feature built-in filters for your favourite loose-leaf teas, while others are classic in design for all types of tea.



Tea Caddies

A high-quality tea caddy is a part of the kitchen kit and a great way to keep your favourite loose-leaf teas as fresh as possible.
Tea caddies protect your tea from moisture, sunlight and other odours, which will negatively impact the quality of your tea.
We always recommend that our customers store tea in airtight tins to keep it at its best. Tea and other foodstuffs benefit from being held in the dark, so non-transparent containers are perfect (sorry, jars!). And if you are discovering zero-waste shopping, you'll find our tea tins ideal. Our range of containers is made from non-contaminated food-grade materials, so the only flavour in your cup will be the tea flavour you choose!



Tea Timers

All tea brewing should be timed, and our Paradox Timers are ideal. The tea timers are bold, bright and eye-catching and come in an array of jazzy colours, including blue, black, lime green, red, pink, orange and green. But, most importantly, they will help you brew the perfect loose-leaf tea every time.



Tea Infusers and Strainers

Another handy gadget to help you on your loose-leaf tea journey is a trusty and reusable tea strainer or infuser. These unassuming pieces of teaware are essential to successfully brewing loose-leaf teas. All loose-leaf teas need space to unfurl and release their flavour during the brewing process, and our strainers and baskets allow them to do just that.


So, if you're looking to explore loose-leaf teas, we have everything you might need here in our online tea shop. Our tea range is hand-selected, tried in-house and loved by the team. So if you want to try an exciting or mysterious new green tea, or love the depth of black tea, and perhaps you've never tried white teas, discover our loose-leaf tea range here

Posted by cup of tea admin
2nd September 2022

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