Iced Teas for the Summer

You can make iced teas, tea coolers and tea punch with almost any tea, including black to green or herbal and fruit. In fact, all teas lend themselves well to a culinary exploration with flavours to make the most excellent drinks in warmer weather. The great thing about iced teas is that they are fun and easy to make, too, so it's time to experiment!

You can make iced teas for the whole family, but also with alcohol to make fantastic tea cocktails. We love adding fruit, and our favourite is classic but strong iced tea with sugar and lemon. They are ideal for sunny days, garden parties, or a refreshing afternoon drink. 

Iced Teas

To make iced teas, simply brew the tea leaves or tea bags, allow them to cool, and mix with any other complementary ingredients that take your fancy. It's as simple as that. Just be mindful of dilution. Like brewing hot tea, time and temperature are vital to achieving the perfect iced tea. We would recommend brewing fruit teas for longer, at least 8-10 minutes, to extract maximum flavour. 

In our Iced Teas for the Summer blog, we've put together a list of our favourite teas that work really well as tea coolers and have created some fun and exciting iced tea recipes for your whole family to enjoy. 



Rhubarb Cream Loose-Leaf Tea 

Our Rhubarb Cream loose-leaf tea is a heavenly fruity, and fresh rhubarb blend tea rounded off with the delicate sweetness of real bourbon vanilla.

The creamy and sweet rhubarb tea infusion contains rhubarb and apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip peel, pineapple, mango and papaya, with fragrant marigold blossoms.

This tea is ideal for a vibrant, fruity and delightful iced tea.



Cherry Dreams – Loose-Leaf Tea

Cherry Dreams loose leaf tea

Cherry Dreams is an intriguing fruity infusion with refreshing peppermint. With deep cherry flavours and mint, this invigorating tea contains 20% of cherry pieces and elderberries, blueberries, rosehip, elderflowers, blackberry leaves, and cranberry. 

To counteract the sweetness of the cherries, mint is perfectly blended to ensure the ideal flavour in the cup. This fruity tea infusion is as delicious cold as it is hot. 



Eco-Friendly Fruits of Joy Teabags

Eco-Friendly Fruits of Joy Teabags

Organic | Vegan | Eco-friendly  

Our Fruits of Joy Teabags are packed with delicious fruits and herbs, including papaya, hibiscus and peppermint. 

Hibiscus gives the fruit tea tangy, sour notes and makes it glow ruby red in the cup. Small pieces of the exotic papaya fruit give it a tropical vibe, while the subtle spiciness of peppermint rounds off this sophisticated composition. This infusion makes for an excellent iced tea. 



Rooibos Cream Orange Loose-Leaf Tea

Rooibos Cream Orange loose leaf tea

One of our all-time bestsellers, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold South African Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Rooibos is entirely caffeine-free and is as robust in taste as some black teas. It's revitalizing and aromatic, and this orange and cream infusion can be drunk by the gallon made into a tea cooler.



Organic Wild Fruits Loose-Leaf Tea

Wild Fruits Organic loose leaf tea

Our organic Wild Fruits tea is a summer berry infusion of delicious red fruits. The hibiscus, rosehip, apple, mixed berry leaves, liquorice and raspberry pieces offer a hybrid of tartness thanks to the hibiscus and a summery sweetness of the berries.



Ginger Orange Cinnamon Loose-Leaf Tea

Ginger Orange Cinnamon loose leaf tea

Our Ginger Orange Cinnamon tea is a delicious fruit infusion with apple, hibiscus, Rooibos, candied pineapple, ginger, cinnamon and orange. The caffeine-free tea is refreshing, revitalizing and smells incredible—ideal chilled and over ice on a hot summer's day. 



Classic Iced Tea Recipe

We love a proper iced tea, and you'll need a robust black tea to make it. So we've chosen English Breakfast St. Andrews loose-leaf tea, which is full-bodied and full of flavour. A traditional tea with a hearty feel makes it an excellent black tea base for classic iced tea.

Iced teas are made by brewing loose-leaf tea or tea bags with hot water for a specific time, depending on the variety. Once brewed, the tea leaves are removed from the infusion. The tea is then chilled and served over ice with or with added extras. The only thing you need to be mindful of is dilution. Like brewing hot tea, time and temperature are vital to achieving the perfect iced tea.


Here's how to make classic iced tea.

Serves 4

Classic Iced Tea Recipe




  • Put the tea, sugar, and honey in a large teapot or jug with approx. 1 litre of water
  • Infuse for 10 minutes
  • Strain the tea leaves & dispose
  • Leave to cool until you are ready 
  • Stir in lemon juice & slices, orange, mint & ice 
  • Pour & enjoy



Cherry Dreams Tea Punch Recipe

Here is another super easy and delicious iced tea recipe for everyone to enjoy. 

Serves 2

Cherry Dreams Iced Tea Cocktail



· 4 teaspoons of Cherry Dreams

· 220ml freshly boiled water

· 6 ice cubes

· 90ml cherry juice or peach juice 

· Lemon wedges



· Boil approx. 220ml of water

· Brew x4 teaspoons of Cherry Dreams for 8-10 minutes

· Allow to cool

· Add the cherry or peach juice and stir

· Finally, add the ice cubes & serve with a lemon garnish


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27th July 2022

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