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To celebrate the arrival of summer, we're offering 10% off our entire non-sale tea range! And what's more, we're revealing our best-sellers! Everyone has their favourite brew, whether a classic 'builders tea', a fruity infusion or a fancier than fancy Sencha. We have discovered through the years that our customer's tastes are as diverse as they are. Spanning the seven seas, we ship locally and internationally, and as a result, our Cup of Tea best-sellers list is anything but predictable!

Of course, our teaware and accessories are mighty popular with tea lovers everywhere too. Our extensive tea caddy range has tea tins to suit every kitchen, while our teapots offer functionality and style.

Check out our Best-Sellers & grab an extra 10% off.




Morning Dew Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Morning Dew is a best-selling and award-winning flavoured green tea. The blend is expertly composed of large-leaf Sencha green tea with sunflower, rose, and cornflower blossoms with mango and citrus nuances. It's delicious and refreshing; once you try it, you'll have a new favourite tea.

Morning Dew loose leaf tea



Irish Malt Loose-Leaf Tea

One of our all-time favourite teas is Irish Malt. It is a delicious loose-leaf tea specially selected for its robust, spicy Assam flavours.

Irish Malt tea is accented with hints of Irish whisky flavour and authentic cocoa pieces. The extravagant taste makes this a delightful tea that is malty and utterly tea-licious.

irish Malt loose leaf tea 



Rhubarb Cream Loose-leaf Fruit Infusion

Our Rhubarb Cream Loose-Leaf Tea is a heavenly fruity tea infusion rounded off with the delicate sweetness of real bourbon vanilla.
The creamy and sweet rhubarb tea infusion contains rhubarb and apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip peel, pineapple, mango and papaya, with fragrant marigold blossoms.
This tea is perfect for a vibrant, fruity and delightful iced tea.

Rhubarb Cream loose leaf tea



Rooibos Cream Orange Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea

One of our all-time best-sellers, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold South African Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon and delicious or made into a cooler.

Rooibos Cream Orange loose leaf tea 


Tippy Golden Earl Grey Loose-Leaf Tea

A firm favourite here at Cup of Tea and with our customers, this Tippy Golden Earl Grey is a fragrant black tea flavoured with Bergamot. The delicately flowery black tea is aromatic and a delight on its own or with a slice of lemon, honey, or sugar.

Tippy Golden Earl Grey loose leaf tea 



Organic Darjeeling Summer Gold Loose-Leaf Tea

Another best-seller, our organic Darjeeling Summer Gold loose-leaf tea, is an elegant tea with delicious muscatel notes. An absolute top-class tea, it is picked by hand in the summer in the Indian tea gardens and is ideal for those who like their tea a little stronger.

Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic loose leaf tea



Organic Fancy Sencha Loose-Leaf Tea

An undisputed favourite among our team and customers, this Fancy Sencha loose-leaf tea is as fancy as it sounds. So much-loved by Japanese-style green tea fans, it is an exquisite tea. Certified organic, the delicately leafed Sencha offers a light green cup with a continual but gentle breath of bittersweetness.

Fancy Sencha loose leaf tea





Africa Tea Caddy

Our Africa tea caddies come in two sizes and are ideal for all teas and other foodstuffs. One of our best-selling tea tins, the storage canisters come in two designs with African-inspired motifs in warm natural tones and illustrative detail.

Design 1: Elephant - Marching around this striking tin, the embossed elephants feature gold designs set on a burnt red background with earthy tones.

Design 2: Savannah - The design features animals, people and vegetation reminiscent of the Savannah itself. This caddy is a beautiful touch to any home with metallic touches and a spiral pattern with elephants on the lid.

The Africa tea caddies come with a round screw-fit lid.
They are sold individually or as a set.

Africa Tea Caddies



Trees Tea Caddy

Our tree tea caddies feature leaves and soft pastel watercolour designs of blue ginkgo and green eucalyptus. The illustrated leaf motifs will suit any kitchen and come with clip-down lids.

Trees Tea Caddies



Zaara Herb Mug

The Zaara Herb Tea Mug by Bredemeijer is composed of porcelain glazed in different colours. The tea mug includes a metal filter and lid, making it a perfect tea cup for your favourite tea or infusion.

Zaara Herb Tea mug Zaara Herb mug


Zaara Teapot

Our porcelain Zaara Teapots are beautifully modern in design and come in various colours and both matt and gloss glazes.

The Zaara porcelain teapots come with a stainless-steel lid and a removable stainless-steel filter for loose-leaf teas. The filters can be removed by those who prefer teabags.
Our porcelain Zaara Teapots come in two sizes – 0.5l, making around 2 cups and 0.9l which produces about 4 cups.

Zaara Teapot



Xilin Cast Iron – Blue

Our classic Xilin Cast Iron range is designed in the traditional Japanese style. The teapots are glazed inside and include a stainless-steel filter for perfect loose-leaf tea.

The Xilin Cast Iron collection includes wide-bottomed teapots, matching cups and trivets in green, red and blue-black. Their textured exterior is also attractive and eye-catching.
Our classic Xilin Teapots are available in two sizes, 0.8L and 1.25L. These teapots are available singly or as part of a set with matching cups and trivet.

Xilin Cast Iron


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6th July 2022

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