Set Your Dial to Camomile

What is Camomile? 

Camomile is a wonder herb from the Asteraceae family. The name derives from the Latin 'earth apple', epitomising the summer months when in bloom. The daisy-like flowers are pretty and distinctive, and the aroma is reminiscent of apples and hay. Strolling through fields along bridle paths, you may come across it growing abundantly.

Set your dial to Camomile


Is Camomile Good for You?

Camomile has been used in ancient medicine since folks discovered its powerful properties. It is said to encourage calmness and restfulness and acts as a very mild sedative. This is why it's so ideal for drinking in the evenings or in times of stress. 

Camomile is also considered good for the gut and can alleviate nausea. Many researchers have backed these claims, and although we're not chemists, we know that camomile is safe to drink for all ages unless severely allergic to pollen. 

One thing is for sure, camomile teas and infusions are known to have antioxidant properties. Camomile also contains flavonoids, particularly apigenin, which binds specific brain receptors that can aid sleep and relaxation. Flavonoids are rich in antioxidant activity and can help your body ward off every day toxins.

Camomile is also widely used in the beauty industry, and ointments, lotions and oils infused with camomile are readily available. In addition, studies suggest that it is considered a soothing component that can soothe and calm irritated skin.

As a naturally caffeine-free tea, it can be delightfully calming and highly aromatic, evoking thoughts of warm summer afternoons. And because we love camomile tea so much, we've shared our favourite pure camomile tea and camomile tea infusions for you to try. 


Pure Camomile


Camomile Blossoms Tea

Camomile Blossoms loose leaf tea



These pure Camomile Blossoms are one of our best sellers, creating a pleasant and mild herbal tea.

The camomile flowers are carefully processed to ensure less dust to keep their typical tart-flowery character and taste.

The infusion is naturally caffeine-free and is appreciated for its calming properties.








Teavelope Camomile Tea Bags

Teavelope Camomile Teabags



Our Teavelope Camomile tea is a relaxing and soothing herbal infusion with an aroma of hay and apple.

Perfect for the on-the-go, each Teavelope contains naturally caffeine-free camomile blossoms to help you melt away stresses and worries.

Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.








Organic Camomile Blossoms Tea

Camomile Blossoms Organic loose leaf tea


Our Organic Camomile Blossoms are camomile in their purest form. This calming tea is soft, slightly fruity and highly aromatic. Naturally caffeine-free, the loose camomile blossoms smell slightly of apple. The brewed infusion is light with floral sweetness and is easy to drink any time of day, but we love it, especially in the evenings or at bedtime. 










Camomile Infused Tea Blends


Best Balance Tea

Best Balance loose leaf tea


A smooth flavoured rooibos blended with honeybush, aniseed, fennel, camomile and honey.

A harmonious infusion of bold yet naturally caffeine-free Rooibos is sweetened with honey, spiced with anise and fennel and calmed by the camomile.

The perfect balance to soothe body and soul.









Organic Nightcap Tea

Nightcap Organic loose leaf tea



Why not opt for our herbal Nightcap tea to end a long day just right? The organic infusion contains whole chamomile flowers, peppermint, lemon balm, strawberry leaves, fennel, orange blossoms, blackcurrant leaves, lavender and rose petals.

It's aromatic and gentle and perfect for melting away the day.









Ginger & Herbs Tea 

Ginger and Herbs loose leaf tea


This lively and colourful herbal infusion is one of our favourites! Combining ginger, lemongrass, liquorice, camomile, black pepper, vervain, cinnamon, and rose petals creates a cleansing and restorative tea.

Enjoy livening up your body by taking yourself out for a walk and having a cup or two of this infusion when you return.










LeafCup® Fruity Camomile Tea Bags




Fruity Camomile is a deliciously wholesome tea infusion with gentle sweetness and aroma of orange peel. The extra-large tea bag allows the camomile blossoms to unfurl and release their flavour, which is ideal for ultimate relaxation. 

Every portion is individually sealed for maximum freshness. 








How to Brew Herbal Teas

Camomile teas a great freshly brewed, but are also delicious cooled, then chilled. Perfect for waking up the system first thing in the morning, camomile teas are tasty, day or night.


• Boil (filtered) water in a kettle

• For every cup/mug of water, take one heaped teaspoonful of herbal tea

• Pour the boiling water over the tea or in a tea egg or tea filter

• Cover the pot or cup and allow the infusion to brew for 5 to 10 minutes

• Strain the tea and serve hot – or can be cooled and drank chilled


(N.B. Please refer to individual packaging for optimum brewing time)


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22nd June 2022

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