Great Tea Accessories and Why You Need Them

If you love tea as much as we do, you’ll know that brewing the perfect cup of tea takes more than just a dunk in boiling water. To achieve the best cup of tea is not rocket science, but little factors such as timing, storage, or even the water temperature can make a good cuppa fantastic!

Our entire tea range holds something for everyone, and you can choose from our extensive yet handpicked range, which includes loose-leaf tea, green, black, white teas and oolong tea. If you love herbal tea and fruit infusions, you will find the latest blends and classics like peppermint.

When it comes to tea accessories, if you start with a great set of tea tins, a quality teapot, a reliable tea timer, and stainless-steel tea tongs, you will undoubtedly be drinking the perfect tea in minutes. 

Read our Great Tea Accessories, and Why You Need Them guide to discover handy accessories that you wish you’d found years ago!


Tea Caddies and Tins

Tea Caddies


  If you drink a lot of tea, tea storage is something to consider. A high-quality tea caddy is a part of the kitchen kit and a great way to          keep your favourite loose-leaf teas and teabags as fresh as possible. 

  Tea caddies quite simply protect your tea from moisture, sunlight and other odours, all of which will negatively impact the quality of      your tea. 

  We always recommend that our customers store tea in airtight tins to keep it at its best. Tea, alongside other foodstuffs, benefits from    being held in the dark, so non-transparent containers are perfect (sorry, jars!). Our range of metal and stainless-steel containers is            food- safe and can be used over and over again. In addition, and because not all tins are made equal, our caddies are made from              non-contaminated materials, so the only flavour in your cup will be the flavour of your tea.










*NEW* Takuma Tea Caddy

Takuma Tea Caddy 150g



Our Takuma tea caddy is a tactile Japanese-inspired tea tin featuring a solid steel structure wrapped in beautifully printed paper. The caddy has a push-fit top and inner lid to keep your tea perfectly fresh. 

150g is an approximate capacity measurement - it will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.









Montana Tea Caddies

Montana Tea Caddies

  Our Montana Tea Caddies are stylish and come in two designs featuring lines and waves that effortlessly complement a range of            interior styles and look fabulous in any kitchen.

  Both designs have a white base, and then each has a different spot, wave or line pattern in muted pinks, browns, greens and blues.

  The square caddy has a hinged lid, airtight seal and clip-down mechanism. 

  250g is an approximate capacity measurement - it will always depend on the size of the tea leaf. Our Montana caddies are sold               individually or as a set, also available in smaller 150g sizes.








*NEW* Liara Tea Caddy

Liara Tea Caddy 100g




Our new Liara tea caddy epitomises the English country garden with illustrations of lavender. It’s classic with a square with a fitted lid.

100g is an approximate capacity measurement - it will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.









Wenke Tea Caddy

Wenke Tea Caddy 100g


  Our folk art inspired Wenke caddies are available in a square shape with red and blue illustrated birds on a white background. The slip-       on lid is easy to use and keeps the loose-leaf and tea bag teas perfectly fresh!









*NEW* Charles Tea Caddy

Charles Tea caddy 100g



The Charles tea tin, another new and fun tea caddy to our tea accessory range, depicts agricultural illustrations. Ideal for those who love farm animals, this tea caddy would suit a county kitchen.

The tea tin comes with a classic square with a fitted lid.

100g is an approximate capacity measurement - it will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.








Other ‘Must-Have’ Tea Accessories

Here at Cup of Tea, we have a fantastic range of high-quality tea accessories; filters, strainers, timers, spoons, sugar, mugs and cups, and much more! We like to make tea-brewing a pleasure rather than a chore, and we want every cup to taste as good as the last. 

We carefully select our tea accessories and choose only the highest quality, refraining from novelty. And because tea accessories can play an essential part in how you brew your tea, all of our reusable gadgets are beneficial. We are also passionate about teapots and have a stunning glass, porcelain, and cast-iron range to suit every taste.


Elio Glass Teapot

Elio Glass Teapot



Our Elio glass teapot is a rather beautiful and modern take on the classic teapot. It is perfect for viewing flowering teas unfurl thanks to its glass exterior glass removable filter. 









Stainless Steel Tea Ball 

Stainless Steel Tea Ball


Our stainless-steel tea ball is an excellent accessory for loose-leaf tea fans. The infuser tea ball comes with fine mesh and a chain link for easy usage, meaning you can use this tea ball to make the perfect tea time and time again.







Zaara Herb Mug

Zaara Herb Tea Mug x4 colours



The Zaara Herb Tea Mug by Bredemeijer is composed of porcelain glazed in Matt Berry Red colour. The tea mug includes a metal filter and lid, making it a perfect tea cup for your favourite tea or infusion.











Paradox Tea Timers

Paradox Tea Timer


  We will always use a tea timer to brew our tea, as timing is crucial to get the best out of the tea leaves. Leave a teabag or loose-leaf tea     to brew for too long could result in a filmy, bitter brew, so we always time our tea. 

  Our Paradox Timers are bright and eye-catching and fun, making them the perfect tea accessory in the kitchen. The range is available     in numerous colours, including blue, black, lime green, red, pink, orange and green.







Stainless Steel Tea Tongs 5cm

Stainless steel tea tongs are perfect for brewing loose-leaf teas and infusions in your cup. The beauty of these tea tongs is that they can be used over & over again. 

Also available in 6.5cm.





Tea Filter Bags Extra Long

Tea Filter Bags Extra Long


Our extra longer paper filters are perfect for loose-leaf tea and infusions and ideal for teapots without internal strainers. In addition, the tea filter bags are 100% compostable once brewing is complete. Long enough for teapots but also great for mugs!





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8th April 2022

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