A Cup of Wellness

We all need a little wellness in our lives, and at Cup of Tea, we always associate tea with good feelings. Wellness is a physical and mental aspiration, and no matter what’s happening around us or inside of us, a nice cup of tea can soothe aches and mental strains, which is why we drink it every day. 

Wellness is also about balance and trying to achieve harmony, which is easier said than done in a busy life, but we drink different teas throughout the day to help. We love a robust tea to get the little grey cells working in the morning. A revitalising wellness tea blend can stimulate our bodies and minds at lunchtime, while a green tea with herbs infusion in the afternoon inspires us. And after a long day, a herbal tea blend in the evening helps us unwind. 

We have the perfect range of inspiring and delicious teas to help you feel good and balanced throughout the day. All our infusions contain high-quality tea – from black to green and even white, real herbs, fruit and spices, with no unnatural additives, which means that you always get a fantastic cup of tea no matter how you’re feeling. We’re convinced that our teas offer you a cup of wellness

A Cup of Wellness


Discover our favourite balance and wellness-inspired teas, plus two new additions to our tea range!


NEW Wellness Chai Organic Loose-leaf Tea

Our new Wellness Chai loose-leaf tea is an infusion of green tea with spices and peppermint. The brewed tea is tangy with orange, fresh peppermint and chai spices, making this a truly balanced treat!

Wellness Chai Organic loose leaf tea


NEW Feel Balanced Organic Loose-leaf Tea

Another new addition to our range is the organic Feel Balanced loose-leaf tea. The herbal infusion is a delicious tea with sweet fruity notes and the perfect tea to warm and relax. 

This expertly blended tea contains cinnamon, apple, fennel, caraway, nettle leaves, lemongrass, rosehip, lemon peel and dandelion. 

 We love it because it has the right balance of sweetness with tangy tartness – it’s a feel-good tea!

Feel Balanced Organic loose leaf tea


Joy of Tea Organic Wellness Tea Bags

Our Joy of Tea Wellness teabags is an organic wellness infusion of herbs. The perfectly balanced tea contains Rooibos and fresh organic mint, and aniseed. The real-leaf tea comes in large innovative teabags that provide all the space these lovely teas need to unfurl and deliver their flavour. Each teabag also has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing and is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Joy of Tea Wellness Teabags


Green Ginger and Lemon Loose-leaf Tea

Our Green Ginger and Lemon loose-leaf tea is a refreshingly citrusy infusion with fiery ginger and zingy lemon. A perfectly balanced blend of Chinese green sencha tea with enlivening fire and fruit. The tea is an elegant and fresh sencha tea with real ginger, lemon peel and sunflower blossoms.

Green Ginger and Lemon


Rooibos Chai Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Rooibos Chai blend is an expertly blended mix of Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, anise, cloves and cardamom. The brewed tea is colourful, aromatic and tastes earthy and spicy.

Rooibos Chai loose leaf tea


Teavelope Sweet Ginger Tea Bags

An all-time favourite herbal tea is Sweet Ginger. It’s perfect if you fancy a caffeine-free drink. This tea is refreshing yet warming with a real depth of ginger flavours. Containing real apple, ginger, sweet blackberry leaves, turmeric root and galangal root - this spicy-sweet tea infusion is one to try definitely. 

Teavelope Sweet Ginger Teabags


Tulsi Mango Ginger Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Our organic Tulsi Mango Ginger loose-leaf tea is the perfect infusion of herbs and fruit.

The blend of organic Tulsi leaves, Rooibos, lemongrass, ginger, green tea, tulsi, white tea, marigold petals, mango, pink pepper, guarana is absolutely delicious.

The exotic cup is reddish-brown and creates an uplifting and striking tea.

Tulsi Mango Ginger loose leaf tea


Mint & Lemongrass Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Mint & Lemongrass Tea is a blend of pure peppermint and lemongrass. It’s tangy, fresh and enlivening and reminiscent of far eastern travels and sun-kissed lands. An excellent tea for daydreaming!

Mint and Lemongrass loose leaf tea

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9th February 2022

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