A Look at Traditional Tea Scenting

NEW TEA – Organic White Jasmine


White Jasmine loose leaf tea

Our new organic White Jasmine tea is a delicate, flowery white tea with jasmine notes.

The brewed tea is sweet and fresh, thanks to the careful process of producingthis fine

and aromatic tea. When brewed, this tea takes on a light-yellow cup that is fragrant and

refreshing. White Jasmine is certified organic and produced by the Longkou tea garden

 in China, which hascreated an extraordinary tea.







How is Traditional Jasmine Tea Scented?

  Tea leaves are harvested in spring and set to dry for several months. Jasmine flowers are picked in the summer,     in the morning, because they unfurl during the night. This is the peak harvest time for the flowers to be at the     height of their aromatics. 

   Only the best quality flowers are processed with spring tea leaves to make jasmine tea. The key is to transfer         the Jasmine fragrance to the tea leaves. The process usually takes several turns of scenting and re-scenting           with layers of flowers and periods of drying and separation to make the perfect jasmine tea. 








  However, some teas are scented artificially, and the quality will lack with these. Because scenting  jasmine tea    is easier and quicker using artificial methods, the teas will be cheaper, but that will reflect the finesse, aroma      and taste. Our organic White Jasmine tea is made using the traditional   process, ensuring the highest quality    with every cup. 









How to Brew the perfect cup of Jasmine tea

White tea will be much more flavoursome if the leaves are brewed with filtered water at around 80c. The delicate character of white tea can easily be lost if the leaves are infused with too hot water.

Because of the fluffy, airy nature of modern white teas, a large heaped teaspoon of leaves per cup should be used. 



  Boil filtered cold water

  Place the tea leaves in a tea strainer or filter basket

  Pour over the hot (80 degrees) water

  Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time (as per packet instructions)

  Strain the tea

  We don't recommend adding milk or adding sweeteners, but if you prefer your tea a little sweeter, then honey or a little sugar is fine

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19th January 2022

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