Stocking Filler Tea Gifts

With 2020 almost over, one thing is sure, most of us could not have gotten through it without a lovely cup of tea, our family and friends and sheer determination. How very British of us! With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to consider gifts, and in fact, you don't have to spend a fortune to treat your dear ones. If they love tea, you're in luck!

At Cup of Tea, our online teashop, has the perfect little and unique tea gifts that will impress and delight and not break the bank. This Christmas, from teas and tea bags, herb cups and reusable tea accessories and even gift sets, we have the perfect Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Tea Fans.


Earl Grey Tea & Mug Gift Set 

Our Earl Grey Tea & Mug Gift Set contains a stylish porcelain mug with a tea filter and a delicious Earl Grey tea. It's the perfect way to make and enjoy a nice cup of loose-leaf tea. 

The Earl Grey Tea and Mug Gift Set contains:

Earl Grey Tea & Mug Gift Set 


Stackable Tea Glass & Saucer Set

The tea glass with matching saucer by Ronnefeldt is one of our best-sellers and ideal for loose-leaf and tea bag teas. The glasses show off the fantastic tea colours and are stackable for ease of storage as an added bonus.

Stackable Tea Glass and Saucer Set


Zaara Herb Tea Mug – (Dark Green 0.35L)

The Zaara Herb Tea Mug by Bredemeijer is composed of porcelain glazed in glossy dark green colour. The tea mug includes a metal filter and lid, making it a perfect tea cup for your favourite tea or infusion.



*NEW* Rooibos Winter Plum Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Rooibos Winter Plum is a flavoured herbal tea with full-bodied rooibos and sweet-fruity notes.

This loose-leaf caffeine-free tea is flavoured with real cinnamon, plum, rosehip, hibiscus and rose petals. We think that it's a wintery delight!

Rooibos Winter Plum loose leaf tea


Teapot Stainless Steel Infuser (3.5cm)

The teapot-shaped stainless-steel infuser by Cha Cult is a great little stocking filler for fans of tea everywhere. The small infuser comes with a rest and chain for ease of use.


Herbal Tea Gift Set 

Our Herbal Tea Gift Set is perfect for those who prefer caffeine-free tea. 

The Herbal Tea Gift Set contains: 

Herbal Tea Gift Set 


Rainforest Tea Caddy, 150g

The Rainforest Tea Caddy by Eigenart is a colourful tea caddy with a bright and vibrant tropical design. The tea tin has a square footprint with a hinged clip-down lid, ideal for storing loose-leaf teas. 

Rainforest Tea Caddies 150g



Stainless Steel Tea Ball 4.5cm

Our stainless-steel tea ball is an excellent accessory for loose-leaf tea fans. The infuser tea ball comes with fine mesh and a chain link for easy usage, meaning you can use this tea ball to make the perfect tea time and time again.

Stainless Steel Tea Ball


Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange Teabags

One of our other favourites, Rooibos Cream Orange, is a seductive blend of bold Rooibos, orange peel and velvety Bourbon vanilla. Enlivening and aromatic, the infusion can be drunk by the gallon and delicious hot or made into a cooler.

Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange teabags


Porcelain Tea Dish

Our porcelain teapot-shaped tea dish is perfect for used teabags or loose-leaf tea once you've brewed your favourite tea. It's small enough to live next to the kettle and deep enough for any spillage, it's also rather cute. 



Andalusia Tea Caddy – (150g Berry)

With a geometric 'mandala style' design, this round tea caddy would make the perfect gift for any tea fan who appreciates style.

It comes with an outer slip-on lid, and to be on the safe side, an additional inner lid that protects the contents of these lovely storage caddies.  150g is an approximate capacity measurement and will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.

Andalusia Tea Caddy, Berry



Paradox Tea Timer – Yellow

The Paradox Timers are bold, bright and eye-catching. The tea timer makes even the preparation of tea an experience, which make it the perfect gift. The range is available in numerous colours, including blue, black, lime green, red, pink, orange and green.

Paradox Tea Timer, Yellow



Our Tea Gift Wrapping Service

Why not take advantage of our gift-wrapping service? We will even add a personal message if requested.

Your order can be gift wrapped at the low cost of £2.95 per item regardless of size and destination and can be sent directly to the recipient. In such cases, we won't include the invoice in the parcel to prevent the price of the gift from being revealed.

You will need to advise us on the delivery instructions whether the gift is a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present, including the delivery address and the personalised message.

We use a beautifully designed generic gift wrap unless it is a Christmas gift, in which case, we use carefully selected Christmas wrapping paper.



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29th November 2021

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