Tea Caddies & Tea Storage

If you drink a lot of tea, like us, then tea storage is something to consider. A high-quality tea caddy is a part of the kitchen kit and a great way to keep your favourite loose-leaf teas and teabags as fresh as possible. 

Tea caddies quite simply protect your tea from moisture, sunlight and other odours, all of which will negatively impact the quality of your tea. 

We always recommend that our customers store tea in airtight tins to keep it at its best. Tea, alongside other foodstuffs, benefits from being held in the dark, so non-transparent containers are perfect (sorry, jars!). And if you are discovering zero-waste shopping, you'll find our tea tins ideal. |Our range of metal and stainless-steel containers are food-safe and can be used over and over again. In addition, our caddies and tins are made from non-contaminated materials, so the only flavour in your cup will be the flavour you choose, the tea!

Tress Tea Caddies

Not only are tea caddies the perfect storage solution, but with the beautiful and varied range we have on offer, you are sure to add a bit of style to your home. We have contemporary plain and single coloured tea tins and a wide selection of patterned and embossed caddies in a plethora of styles. 

Our patterned and embossed caddies come in various styles, from ultra-modern with a cheeky twist to globally influenced styles perfect for storing your teas. We also have a stunning collection of Japanese paper-covered tea caddies that are elegant, illustrative and unlike most on the market. Trust us, you'll find a tea caddy in our range that will suit the most discerning of tea drinkers. All budgets are also catered for, so there really is something for everyone. 


Five reasons for storing your teas in airtight caddies:

Sunlight – It is advisable to store tea in darkness to prevent bright light from degrading the strength of the flavour and the aroma. 

Oxygen – It is a common myth that all moisture has been removed from loose-leaf tea leaves so that oxidisation wouldn’t be an issue. It is, however, imperative to store tea in an airtight container to prevent the risk of oxidisation. This is especially important for fresher teas that have some moisture retention, such as green teas.

Heat – Our homes are often kept extremely warm through central heating systems. This can pose a threat to the freshness of your tea leaves if they are not stored correctly.

Odour – One of the most effective ways to protect the flavour and aroma of your tea is to store it well away from other strong flavoured or scented foods. Never store your tea anywhere near aromatic spices or herbs. Even other bold teas will affect the integrity of your tea.

Moisture – Moisture is bad for any dried food product, not least tea. Tea has been withered, rolled, oxidised, dried and packaged to provide the consumer with the perfect tea leaves for your cup. Moisture can undo that lengthy process, and we advise teas to be stored away from the oven, kettle, and any other forms of moisture and humidity. This can be difficult in kitchens where moisture is inevitable, so a tea caddy really is the perfect answer.


Paper Wrapped Tea Caddies


Ayako Tea Caddy

Our Ayako tea caddies are finished with a Japanese-style fan design with a soft-feel paper wrap finish. The stylish tubular caddy in shades of blue comes with a protective lid to keep your tea perfectly fresh. Approximate capacity: 150g

Ayako Japanese Tea caddy


Lumi Tea Caddy

Our Lumi tea tins are finished with a Japanese-style flower design with a soft-feel paper wrap finish. The stylish round canister in shades of blue comes with an aroma seal lid to keep your tea perfectly fresh. Approximate capacity: 60g and 150g.

Lumi Tea Caddy


Masari Tea Caddy

Our beautiful Masari Tea tins are finished with a Japanese-style floral design with a soft-feel paper wrap finish. A stylish green tubular caddy with pink and white floral accents comes with a flavour protective lid to keep your tea perfectly fresh. Approximate capacity: 100g and 150g.

Masari Tea Caddy


Kyoko Tea Caddy

Our pretty Kyoko tea caddy is finished with a Japanese-style grass and flowers design with a soft-feel paper wrap finish. A stylish tubular caddy with a flavour protective push-fit and inner lid to keep your tea perfectly fresh. Approximate capacity: 100g and 150g.


Nobu Tea Caddy

Japanese origami papers inspire our Nobu tea tins. They come in various tones of blue with white accents, finished with soft-feel paper wrap. The beautiful navy tubular tea caddy comes with an internal flavour protective lid. Approximate capacity: 100g and 150g.

Nobu Tea Caddy


Traditional Tea Caddies


Trees Tea Caddy 

Our Tree tea caddies are inspired by trees and feature soft pastel watercolour designs in blue ginkgo and green eucalyptus. The illustrated leaf motifs will suit any kitchen and come with clip-down lids. Approximate capacity: 150g and 250g.

Trees tea Caddy


Little Geisha Tea Caddy

Our Little Geisha tea tins are the latest designs in the Little Geisha range by Eigenart. Designed in two colourways: Rose and Petrol and printed with a happy Little Geisha design. The fun character tea tins will keep your tea fresh, thanks to the push-fit and inner lids. Approximate capacity: 150g.

Little Geisha Tea Caddies


Senta Tea Caddy

Our Senta tea caddy has lovely hummingbirds and flowers illustrations on a white background.  The tight-fitting push-fit lid keeps your tea nice and fresh. Approximate capacity: 100g.

Senta Tea Caddy


Helma Tea Caddy

Our Helma tea caddy features soft brown, reds and blues, in a paisley motif. The simple square with a fitted lid will keep your teas fresher for longer. Approximate capacity: 100g.

Helma Tea Caddy




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17th September 2021

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