Love at First Sip

Being experts in all thing's tea, we try a lot of teas & accessories! And there are some we just love. 'Love at first sip' happens to us often, but not every tea gives us that 'Mmmmm' feeling. Some teas are great for everyday brews, while others we only drink when we feel like spoiling ourselves. Some are 'for best' and come out when we're allowed to have visitors, but there are others, equally as good, but can be drunk all day and by the gallon. 

When we first tried Rose Tea with Petals, it was love at first sip, and we were also wowed by how it looked. The combination of deep rich black tea, with a hint of green tea, adorned with rose and jasmine petals looks fabulous. The aroma too is fantastic and slightly perfumed with the typical black tea scent. The combination is well balanced on the palate, and the result is a flowery, mild and light tea.

With love in mind, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've compiled a list of our favourite lovely teas and accessories to inspire your very own 'love at first sip'.

Love at first sip 


Rose Tea with Petals

Our Rose Tea with Petals is a flavoured blend of black and green tea with rose and jasmine petals. The infusion takes the finest Chinese teas, and harmoniously mixes red rose petals to create an aromatic yet delicate tea.

Rose Tea with Petals loose leaf tea

Our customers say, "Delicately flavoured and scented tea, which is perfect from a beautiful china cup, to help you enjoy a relaxed few moments."



French Rosebud Tea

Our French Rosebud Tea isn't strictly 'tea' but makes a delightful pure rosebud herbal drink. The buds are pure, with nothing added, and when brewed in boiled water, create fragrant and elegantly soothing tea. The cup colour is a surprising emerald-green, and it's ideal for foodies who like to try new things and occasionally spoil themselves.

COT French Rosebud Tea

Our customers say, "Everyone I know loves this tea. The taste is delicate and the scent fragrant. Be reminded of roses anytime."



Organic Teavelope Rosehip Teabags

Our organic rosehip real-leaf teabags contain a classic fruit infusion of sun-ripened rosehip and aromatic hibiscus. The caffeine-free brew is finely balanced and refreshingly fragrant.

Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope Rose Hip Organic Teabags

Our customers say, "Love it! Its fruity, a little sour and goes very well with a little cream."



Paradox Tea Timer – Pink

Because brewing tea for the optimum time gives you the perfect cup, we always time our brew. Our Paradox Tea Timers make for the ideal gadget for any tea fan for brewing loose-leaf or bagged tea. These smartly designed tea timers are modern in style and come in a variety of lively colours.

Paradox Tea Timer - Pink

Our customers say, "Just the job if you wish to ensure your tea is brewed to perfection, it takes longer than you think! Also makes a fun desk object if you prefer."




Wild Fruits Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

Our organic Wild Fruits tea is a summer berry infusion of delicious red fruits. The hibiscus, rosehip, apple, mixed berry leaves, liquorice, and raspberry pieces offer a hybrid of tartness thanks to the hibiscus and the berries' a summery sweetness. 

Wild Fruits Organic loose leaf tea




Fruit Tea Gift Set

Our Fruit Tea Gift Set comes with a delicious Red Fruit Pudding tea, a berry-red tea mug for one and a pretty folk-style tea caddy for all fruit tea lovers out there.

Fruit Tea Gift Set

The Fruit Tea Gift Set contains:

100g Red Fruit Pudding - Delicious infusion of classic fruits

Wenke Tea Caddy 100g - White tea caddy with red and blue birds design

Zaara Herb Tea Mug, Matt Berry Red - Porcelain tea mug with a metal filter and lid




Fireflower Tea Caddy

Our Fireflower tea tins are bright and eye-catching with paisley-style floral designs in bright orange and fuchsia tones. 

The push-lids are secure and ensure fresher tea for longer.

100g is an approximate capacity measurement. This will always depend on the size of the tea leaf.

Fireflower Tea Caddy 500g




Bella Tea Caddy

The Bella Tea Caddy comes in three fresh and light mini geometric designs. The square tins come with an easy-to-use clip-down lid and aroma seal, perfect for teas, grains, biccies and anything else that needs to be stored airtight. 

Bella Tea Caddy 150g

Our customers say, "The caddy is big enough to hold a normal sized box of tea leaf. The lid seals tightly to keep in the freshness. The colour goes well with the kitchen decor."



Zaara Porcelain Teapot, Red

Our porcelain Zaara Teapots are beautifully modern in design and come in a range of colours – warm red, black, shiny grey, clean white and zingy lime green.

The Zaara porcelain teapots come with a stainless-steel lid and removable stainless-steel strainer.

Zaara Porcelain Teapot 0.5L




Leeza Cherry Blossom

Our Leeza bottles are ideal for hydrations on the go. They come with extra features that allow this bottle to carry your favourite teas. It will keep your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks toasty.

Leeza Drinking Bottle 0.5L Cherry Blossom

Leeza bottle design features include: 

  • Double-walled – meaning your cold drinks stay cool and your hot teas stay hot!
  • Removable (and reusable) stainless-steel filter strainer, perfect for loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions
  • Easy to use with single-hand operation
  • Inner lid made from BPA free plastic
  • Hold 500ml of liquid
  • Available in 7 unique designs



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29th January 2021

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