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Introducing Mysterious Africa Tea

Mysterious Africa loose leaf tea lifestyle

Our brand-new organic tea - Mysterious Africa - is a lively blend of spicy and sweet notes. This fantastic herbal infusion is a combination of organic ginger, apple and banana with accents of coconut and lemongrass with hints of chilli and other spices. Truly exotic, this tea blend is refreshing yet warming with an impressive freshness. The herbs and spices work to invigorate the senses naturally, and the herbal infusion is 100% caffeine-free. Trust us. This tea smells good enough to eat!


Key Organic Ingredients:

Mysterious Africa Ingredients lifestyle


Ginger – Ginger is seen by many as one of the root tisanes to keep the human body in balance and perfect health. Ginger infusion is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is said, and research shows that is can have anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties. Ginger is another excellent ingredient to remedy stomach and digestive challenges, but first and foremost, ginger-infused tastes amazing and gives a hint of spice to any herbal blend.

Apple - Dried apple is one of the key ingredients in fruit teas. It acts as a sweet yet tart baseline which works in harmony with almost all other components.  Apples contain many essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and they are free of fat, sodium, and cholesterol, but full of antioxidants, potassium, dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Banana – We know that bananas taste amazing! They are full of vitamins too, including B6, which can help to metabolise carbohydrates and amino acids and remove unwanted chemicals from our bodies. 

Coconut – Coconuts instantly evoke thoughts of warmer climates. They are cheerful and smell incredible. Coconuts are also high in manganese which is essential for bone health and other vitamins and minerals.

Chilli flakes – Chilli in tea?? Yes! The heat from chilli acts as a warming hug but also helps your body absorb more nutrients. It is packed with Vitamin C and beta-carotene, which can help with eye and skin health.

Lemongrass – Lemongrass is another herb that has been researched for wellness compounds. It is proven that the herb detoxifies the body and improves skin health. It can increase the frequency of water release from the body and avoids the retention of it in the body system.

Cardamom – Highly aromatic and used in culinary preparations for centuries, cardamon also has a ton of health benefits. It is considered to help with inflammation and contains multiple antioxidants.

Cloves – Evocative of festive times, cloves are sweet and spicy. Used in oral health even today, cloves also contain fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Coriander - We love the aromatic properties of coriander, but it also contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Its refreshing characteristics offer interesting nuances in teas and cooking.

If you love herbal teas as much as we do, then read on! 

We have selected our favourites, some best-sellers and included a few new surprise teas for you to try. We've included exotic blends which contain coconut and banana, a few classics, and a handful of gift sets, in case you can't make up your mind.


We're convinced that there is a herbal tea for you!



Mysterious Africa Tea

Our brand new Mysterious Africa tea is an organic herbal infusion of real herbs and fruit pieces.  The unique, and delicious blend contains banana, coconut, ginger, apple and other herbs and fruits. It's a delightfully spicy and sweet infusion that is a must-try!

Mysterious Africa loose leaf tea lifestyle



Herbal Tea Gift Set

Our Herbal Tea Gift Set is a delightful collection curated by our team of tea experts. The gift set contains natural loose-leaf peppermint, a tea caddy with a hummingbird design and a zingy lime-coloured tea timer, perfect for all tea lovers!

Herbal Tea Gift Set



Coconut Fairy

Our new Coconut Fairy tea is a caffeine-free herbal blend of blackberry leaves, coconut flakes, apple, cocoa nibs and cinnamon pieces. The brewed tea has a subtle sweetness and a delightfully creamy finish. If you love coconut, this is the tea for you!

Coconut Fairy loose leaf tea



Rooibos Tea Gift Set

Another carefully curated gift set, it contains caffeine-free loose-leaf Rooibos Cream Orange with hints of velvety vanilla, a tea caddy with a geometric design and a tea infuser spoon, perfect for all tea fans!

Rooibos Tea Gift Set




Heavens Delights

Heavens Delights is a sweet fruit tea with vanilla and almonds. Warming and tropical, the herbal infusion contains apple, hibiscus, papaya, currants, pineapple, almonds, cinnamon and coconut chips. Picture yourself celebrating Christmas on an exotic beach, and you'll have the flavour summed up.

Heavens Delight loose leaf tea




Joy of Tea – Mint & Fresh

Our Joy of Tea Mint & Fresh is a marriage of classic peppermint and tropical lemongrass. This enlivening herbal infusion is refreshing, aids digestion and smells like heaven! Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug whilst brewing and is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Joy of Tea Mint and Fresh teabags




Teavelope – Organic Mountain Herbs

Our Teavelope Organic Mountain Herbs is a fantastic tea for those who love Rooibos with a twist. A beautifully harmonious blend with a gently refreshing note of lemongrass, blackberry leaves, spearmint, fennel, anise, orange, cinnamon, liquorice root. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope Mountain Herbs Organic teabags




Citrus Meets Ginger Tea Collection

Our Citrus Meets Ginger Tea Collection is a selection of our three favourite, best-selling, ginger and lemon-based herbal tea infusions.

100g Rooibos Ginger & Lemon - Flavoured rooibos tea with ginger and the taste of lemon

100g Green Ginger & Lemon - Citrus meets fiery ginger in this perfectly balanced blend.

100g Ginger & Lemon - A refreshing blend of ginger & lemongrass

Citrus Meets Ginger loose leaf tea collection




Camomile Blossoms

For tea purists out there, nothing can beat a classic, pure herbal tea and chamomile has to be our favourite. Our Chamomile Blossoms are whole (no dust!) and full of mild flavour and aroma. This classic herbal tea is perfect for anyone who needs to relax and unwind and is best known for its soothing and calming properties.

Camomile Blossoms loose leaf tea




Organic Nightcap

To end a long day just right, why not opt for our herbal Nightcap tea? The organic infusion contains whole chamomile flowers, peppermint, lemon balm, strawberry leaves, fennel, orange blossoms, blackcurrant leaves, lavender and rose petals.

It's aromatic and gentle and perfect for melting away the day.

Nightcao Organic loose leaf tea


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7th October 2020

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