Tea Advent Calendar 2020

Our loose-leaf Tea Advent Calendar is back! If like us, you love tea and the festivities, you love our sell-out Tea Advent Calendar.

The Advent Calendar contains a brand-new brew each day, featuring 24 teas and infusions. They are packaged in a charming illustrated traditional German festive picture book box.  Each festive window contains 10g of tea which is enough to make a pot of tea for 4 - 5 cups, so you, and your family and friends can enjoy a different tea each day. Expect a new tea or infusion of black tea, green tea, herbal and fruit tea, which will excite the curious tea drinker with festive cheer. You’ll discover unique blends and a few pleasant surprises too!

The advent tea collection contains classic teas but also flavoured festive blends that we are sure you'll love.

Tea Advent Calendar - Front Tea Advent Calendar - Back


An Advent History

Advent means 'the arrival of a notable person or thing'. It is a word associated with excitement, anticipation and joy. In the Christian calendar, Advent is the festive season in the run-up to Christmas, beginning on a Sunday nearest the feast day of St Andrew the Apostle.

These days, advent calendars begin on 1st December and mark the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. We've all felt the excitement of opening the little paper door to reveal a festive picture or chocolate - trying our hardest not to scoff them all on the first day!

You might think that traditional advent calendars have been around for centuries, but the earliest advent calendars originate from Germany in the mid-1800s. Paper pictures were hung on walls, and candles were lit each day until Christmas Eve. The advent calendar we know and love today may have other origins. Accounts suggest that the little illustrated paper doors revealing pictures, candles or chocolate were published by a bookshop owner in Hamburg in 1902. Since then, the popularity and excitement around them for families across Europe and beyond grew and grew, and today, Advent Calendars take on many shapes and forms. One thing is for sure, they insight joy and anticipation during the festivities, for both children and adults.


Our Tea Calendar features 24 tasty teas for you to try: 


1. Rooibos Snowflurry - Flavoured herbal tea with orange and cinnamon

2. Sea Buckthorn - Flavoured black tea with sea buckthorn flavour

3. 1823 Afternoon Tea - Delicious afternoon black tea

4. Christmas Punch - Flavoured fruit tea with apple punch flavour

5. Vanilla Chai - Flavoured black tea with a blend of spices and vanilla flavour

6. Colombian Black - Mild black tea with gentle notes of honey and light fruitiness

7. Apple Crumble - Flavoured blend of black tea and apple pieces with a toffee-cinnamon flavour

8. Cinnamon Plum - Flavoured fruit tea with a plum and cinnamon flavour

9. Nice-Cream - Flavoured black tea with a creamy flavour

10. Rooibos Cape Orange - Flavoured herbal tea with blood orange flavour

11. Cosy Peat Fire - Flavoured fruit tea with almond and cinnamon flavour

12. Dew Drop - Flavoured belnd of green tea and pineapple with a citrus flavour

13. Chocolate Chai - Flavoured blend of black tea with cocoa and nougat flavour

14. Baked Red Apples - Flavoured fruit tea with baked apple flavour

15. Strawberry Basil - Flavoured fruit and herbal tea with basil and strawberry flavour

16. Cocoa Kisses - Black tea with cocoa flavour


We also stock the following in larger quantities:


17. Oolong Ti Dung

Our Oolong Ti Dung loose-leaf is an exceptional tea from Taiwan. The mildly fermented tea leaves create a surprisingly smooth and fine nutty brew.

Oolong Ti Dung loose leaf tea




18. Vanilla Apple

A flavoured blend of green tea and baked apple-vanilla flavour.

Vanilla Apple loose leaf tea




19. Ginger & Lemon

A refreshing herbal blend of ginger and lemongrass.

Ginger and Lemon loose leaf tea




20. Jasmine with Petals

A floral Chinese green leaf tea with Jasmine petals.

Jasmine with petals loose leaf tea




21. Winter Fairy Tale

A flavoured black tea with spices and orange-cinnamon flavour that's Christmas in a cup!

Winter Fairy Tale loose leaf tea




22. Milky Oolong

A rare and highly aromatic milky sweet Oolong tea.

Milky Oolong loose leaf tea




23. Feel Fit

A lively fruit and herbal blend with apple-citrus flavours.

Feel Fit loose leaf tea




24. Morning Dew

An excellent green tea with mango-citrus flavours.

Morning Dew loose leaf tea




Fun Facts About Advent

  • Advent comes from the Latin adventus, meaning 'arrival'; it was meant to be a season of fasting and contemplation, in preparation for the feast of Christmas
  • The first Advent calendars containing chocolate were produced by Cadbury in 1958.
  • In Britain and America, a quarter of all personal spending for the year takes place in December.
  • In Nordic countries there is a tradition of having an Advent television series that starts on December 1 and runs until Christmas Eve. 
  • The most expensive Advent Calendar cost $50,000 and was available from Harrods in 2007. It was a 4-foot Christmas tree shaped structure from elm and walnut wood. Each of the 24 compartments contained a piece of organic chocolate from Green and Black. The proceeds went to support cocoa farmers in Belize
  •  Although the modern Christmas colours are usually red and green, the traditional colour for the church is almost always a vibrant purple. 
  •  The world’s largest ever advent calendar was built in 2007 in St Pancras Station, London to mark the station’s refurbishment. 
  • Advent chocolate is said to taste “different” to normal chocolate because its rounded shape causes it to melt faster on our tongues and we savour the flavour more.
  •  The loose-leaf teas in our Tea Advent Calendar come from 9 different countries around the world!
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30th September 2020

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