The Ultimate Breakfast Teas

A great start to your morning is hugely important, and we want to begin our day just right. Naturally, that's not always possible, but setting yourself up for the day with the perfect cuppa is the best way to start. Some of us need a good strong brew to kick-start our brains, while others prefer caffeine-free but refreshing herbal infusions. Whatever your preference, mood or feeling that morning, we have covered all your breakfast tea needs. There are numerous benefits to drinking tea any time of the day, but in the mornings, with our breakfast, tea really helps to motivate your metabolism and wake you from the inside. This isn't just to do with caffeine, as some herbal and fruit teas are recommended in the mornings too, but the natural oils and antioxidants along with freshly boiled water, do the waking for you. Hydration plays a huge part in the mornings as our bodies lose water during the night, and out poor brains need as much hydration as they can get. There are tons of benefits to starting your day with tea from improving sore tummies to helping with oral health, de-fogging our minds and increasing energy. As a result, we have created the Ultimate Breakfast Tea Guide!

The Ultiamte Breakfast teas

We've included traditional blends and teas with a twist, thrown in a few unusual infusions to inspire you and kept thing easy and simple because sometimes, you need a fuss-free morning.


Assam Bari – Loose-Leaf Tea

Our Assam Bari is a classic full-bodied Assam Tea from one of the best-known tea gardens in the heart of India. This tea is robust and malty with hints of spice that offer an extravagant, lively taste with many golden tips. Assam Bari is harvested in the summer and graded 'GFBOP'. These classifications mean that this tea is 'golden', 'flowery' – offering fragrance and aroma, 'orange' - referring to the tracing back to Royal tea gardens, meaning exquisite or especially good and 'pekoe' - the fine thin hairs on the tea leaf's edge.

The cup is glossy and golden brown, but we also love this loose-leaf tea with a dash of milk and a sprinkling of sugar.

Assam Bari loose leaf tea



English Breakfast St. Andrews – Loose Leaf Tea 

Our English Breakfast St. Andrews is a robust and full-bodied breakfast tea. A dark colour when brewed, this traditional tea has a hearty feel that stays true to the exacting standards of the popular tea. This tea is truly a great way to start your day.

English Breakfast St Andrews loose leaf tea



English Breakfast - LeafCup Tea Bags

Our LeafCup English Breakfast offers a perfect cup of Ceylon tea. A gentle tea with an unmistakeably sparkly and lively fragrance. The LeafCup tea bags are packed individually for freshness in individual pouches with a unique hook that clips on to your favourite mug or teacup. 

Our customers say: "Best English Breakfast tea we've ever had!"

Leafcup English Breakfast Teabags



'Light & Late' Decaffeinated English Breakfast Loose-Leaf Tea 

If you love tea but want caffeine-free, then our English Breakfast 'Light & Late' – Decaffeinated Loose-Leaf Tea is for you! With the classic tangy and fruity Ceylon taste, this tea has been decaffeinated using the gentle CO2 method, which ensures that the full-bodied taste remains.

Light & Late Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea



Verbena Organic – Pure Herb Loose-Leaf Tea

If you love herbal teas in the morning but want an invigorating and aromatic cup, then why not try our pure organic Lemon Verbena? The uniquely lemony herb that is reminiscent or lemon-sherbet sweets is beautifully fragrant and a joy on the palate. The wonderful Portuguese climate is the secret ingredient to our Organic Verbena. Benefiting from the fertile soil, pleasing rainfall and the warmth of the sunshine create it's intense lemony flavours. The precious essential oils remain in this whole leaf tea and are released as the leaves open during the brewing of the tea, giving Lemon Verbena an exceptional fragrance and delicate flavour.

Verbena loose leaf tea



Teavelope Breakfast Tea – Stronger Brew – Teavelope Tea Bags

If you like your tea extra strong and bold, then our English Breakfast – Extra Strong – Teavelope Tea Bags are for you. Our hand-selected blend of orthodox-produced black teas creates a punchy, strong black tea with hints of malt and spice. Tastes delicious with milk and sugar depending on taste. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Teavelope English Breakfast Tea



Irish Breakfast – Loose-Leaf Tea

This widely popular Irish Breakfast loose-leaf tea has been specially selected for its robust, spicy Assam flavours. The tea is delicious and intense in essence, which makes this classic blend a firm favourite among many.

Irish Breakfast loose leaf tea



Nana Mint Organic – Pure Herb Loose-Leaf Tea

Another cracking herbal favourite among caffeine-free morning drinkers is our organic Nana Mint pure herb loose-leaf tea. Nana is the Arabic - na'na' for mint. It is also known as Moroccan Mint and is a large-leafed, aromatic plant with a high percentage of essential oils. It's invigorating, spicy and is very refreshing.

Nana Mint Organic loose leaf tea



Daily Balance Organic – Fruit & Herb Loose-Leaf Infusion

One of the best ways to start your day is with our organic Daily Balance fruit and loose-leaf herb infusion. Balancing, energising and restorative, this herbal blend works for the body and soul. Containing organic apple, olive leaves, balm and verbena, it will send your senses soaring and help to promote balance to your day. 

Daily Balance Organic loose leaf tea

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1st July 2020

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