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Discover Delicious Organic Black Teas

Your day deserves good tea, so why not start it with bold and flavoursome organic black teas? We’ve increased our organic tea range to meet with customers’ requests and now offer an extensive range of teas to suit all tastes. From robust English Tea blends that set you up in the mornings to elegant Darjeeling’s for an afternoon hit. Teas perfect with breakfast, with a piece of cake or any time of the day, we have your organic black teas sorted!


Why Organic Tea?

Organic teas indefinitely have more health benefits than their standard counterparts. According to Newcastle University“concentrations of antioxidants such as polyphenolics were between 18-69% higher in organically-grown crops.” Antioxidants are reputed to benefit wellness for body and mind so the more we consume, through a balanced diet, the better off we are. The other benefits of consuming organic teas and other foodstuffs is the lack of herbicides and chemicals used in organic farming which are beneficial to not only the crops but to the producers and their staff. Fewer chemicals used in agriculture means less pollution being emitted into the atmosphere and to the tea pickers and estate workers too. So, we’re not only consuming fewer pesticides, but those who produce our precious teas are less exposed to them also. 

Check out our organic black tea range and pick your favourite and discover new brews too!


Morning ‘Cuppa’ Organic Loose Leaf Tea

If you’re looking for an uplifting cup of tea, then our organic Morning ‘Cuppa’ is for you. A strong and flavourful black tea, this loose-leaf is as good black, as it is with a splash of milk. We recommend brewing for 3 - 4 minutes using one rounded teaspoon per cup or mug using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.



Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Our organic Darjeeling Summer Gold tea is an elegantly top-class tea with delicious muscatel flavour. The tea leaves are hand-picked in the summer to ensure the finest quality of tea for this slightly more robust Darjeeling. We recommend brewing a level teaspoon for each cup or mug for 2 - 3 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.



Traditional English Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Our organic Traditional English Blend is another bold tea, ideal to set you up for the day. The brew is quite dark and benefits a dash of milk. We recommend brewing a rounded teaspoon for each cup or mug for 3 - 4 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.



China Yunnan Organic Loose Leaf Tea

This exceptional and slightly sweet organic loose-leaf Yunnan tea is grown in one of the oldest tea growing areas in China. It’s a unique tea with interesting nuances and clean sweet finish, which could become an all-time favourite. We recommend brewing one level teaspoon for each cup or mug for 3 - 4 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.



Assam Garden Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Our Assam Garden Tea is a characterful, strong and malty Assam from north-east India. Produced by experts, this tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic tea growing. Delicious for breakfast or all-day refreshment, we love it with a splash of milk and a slice of cake in the afternoons. Assam Golden is sold in 100g bags and 1kg plastic-free bulk bags.

We recommend storing in an airtight container as soon as possible to ensure quality and freshness.



Duke of Grey Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Our Duke of Grey is a wonderful organic Earl Grey tea with exceptional flavour. A blend of malty Assam black tea with a tangy, fresh bergamot flavour, perfect in the afternoons. We recommend brewing one level teaspoon for each cup or mug for 3 - 4 minutes using boiling water in a pre-warmed teapot.



Teavelope Darjeeling Organic Tea (Teabags)

An exquisite summer black tea from the Himalayas, our Teavelope Darjeeling Tea is rich, flowery and aromatic. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.



How Black Tea is Made

To turn green Camelia sinensis into tea, the leaves go through several careful processes. Immediately after picking, the fresh green leaves start their journey through the five stages of traditional tea production.

  • Withering - The tea is spread out on large withering racks and fanned with warm air for around 12 – 18 hours. The lengthy withering process takes time for the leaves to lose up to 60% of their moisture and volume.
  • Rolling - The leaves then go into a rolling machine with rotating discs to break open the leaf cells without destroying them. This process releases the cell juice that oxidises with oxygen in the air allowing the fermentation to begin.
  • Oxidizing (Fermenting) - After rolling for around 2 – 3 hours, the leaves take on a coppery red colour, and the tea acquires its characteristic aroma. The quality of the tea, later on, depends on the skills of the fermentation master. This process of fermentation determines the flavour of the tea: the shorter the process, the fresher the character and the lighter the tea is in colour. Longer fermentation produces stronger and darker teas.
  • Drying - The residual moisture is then extracted at 90C in a multi-level dryer, and the oxidised cell juice dries on the leaf. This is when tea darkens and becomes black in colour. This process takes around 20 minutes and is monitored carefully to ensure that the tea does not develop a burnt taste. 
  • Grading - Grading is the final step when the tea is graded into four different leaf grades using vibrating sifts. The sifting process produces high-quality leaf teas, broken teas, fannings and tea dust. Premium teas like we sell at Cup of Tea can only be produced using the traditional, orthodox method. However only about 20 to 25% of the entire worldwide tea production is manufactured using the gentle orthodox way, the majority of all tea produced is by using the must faster more economical process of CTC production. CTC stands for Crushing, Tearing and Curling. It is an automated mass production that brings out only simple flavours, no fine aromas and no large-leaf grades. It takes only 8 to 12 hours to produce one batch of black tea versus 20 to 24 hours it takes using the traditional orthodox way. None of the teas we sell comes under the grade ‘dust’.
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28th May 2020

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