Wellness Teas – Feel Well, Be Well & Sleep Well

Wellness Teas – Feel Well, Be Well & Sleep Well


We're big on wellness here at Cup of Tea HQ, and in these uncertain times, we all need a little extra added goodness in our lives. Feeling well and therefore being well, starts with sleeping well, so when we can genuinely relax, unwind and let our troubles melt away, we can generally feel better. Balance too is integral to the wellness of body and mind and an essential aspect in everyday life. Balance helps facilitate our busy day-to-day lives, promoting stability, encouraging us to eat well, exercising more and consider mindfulness. We have the perfect range of herbal teas to help you feel good and balanced. All of our herbal and fruit tea infusions contain real herbs, fruit and spices, with no unnatural additives, which means that you can drink as much as you like whenever you like.


Our teas contain key ingredients, and here are some of our favourites:

Rooibos – High in vitamin C, full of antioxidants and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, Rooibos also contains the alpha-hydroxy acid that can promote good skin health.

Lemon Verbena – Another heavenly fragrant herb reminiscent of lemon sherbet, is taken as an immunity booster, digestion aid and treatment for congestion.

Blackberry Leaves – We all know the humble blackberry, but the leaves are undervalued and underused. A great source of flavonoids which are known to look after our hearts, this wonder-leaf is thought to reduce inflammation and aid oral health.

Lemon Balm – One for the mind, this lemony, fuzzy leaf is calming for the mind, can encourage restful sleep as well as acting as a powerful antioxidant.

Cornflower Petals – The striking blue petals are not just for show! They are rich in mineral salts and pectin, good for digestion, and are known for their calming properties. 

Apple - Dried apple is one of the key ingredients in fruit teas. It acts as a sweet yet tart baseline which works in harmony with almost all other components.  Apples contain many essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and they are free of fat, sodium, and cholesterol, but full of antioxidants, potassium, dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Hibiscus - Another key baseline ingredient in many fruit teas, it originates from the hibiscus flower's calyces. When brewed, the infusion omits a deep red colour and a sour cranberry-like flavour. Hibiscus is now being researched, and initial tests suggest that because it is packed with antioxidants, it may lead to lowering of blood pressure, aid in weight loss and fight bacteria.

Anise – Best known as aniseed, this highly aromatic herb is incredibly flavoursome. Although quite enlivening, it is thought to have many health benefits, especially those with sleeping disorders, as it's calming and soothing, from the inside.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a little help to Feel Well, Be Well & Sleep Well, give our wellness loose-leaf teas a try!


Best Balance Tea

Our Best Balance Tea is a smooth blend of Rooibos tea with honeybush, aniseed, fennel, camomile with the taste of honey. A naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion is a balanced blend of bold red bush with enlivening herbs.

Our customers say: "This one is a current favourite. Very smooth with honey & citrus undertones. Thoroughly recommended."



Feel Relaxed Tea

Our Feel Relaxed Tea is a calming and delicious flavoured herbal infusion. It has the subtle taste of oranges and cream that helps you to relax and ease stress and tension. Expertly blended herbs such as Rooibos, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, sunflower and cornflower petals create a soothing brew that is delicious and naturally caffeine-free.

Our customers say: "This is the favourite tea in our household, it's calming and has a subtle but delicious flavour."



Sleep Well Tea

Our Sleep Well Tea is an excellent herbal tea with warming caramel notes. The infusion aims to soothe and help with sleep. Naturally caffeine-free, the calming herbal tea is blended with vitamin-rich South African Rooibos and anise, balm, blackberry leaves and liquorice.

Our customers say: "It actually does what it says, and you feel relaxed and sleepy."



Daily Balance Organic Tea

Our Daily Balance Organic tea is calming and restorative. It’s a gentle herbal and fruit combination of real apple, olive leaves, balm and verbena. As well as being refreshing, this herbal-fruit tea is also comforting; perfect for a balanced day. 



Wellness Tea Collection

We’ve put together a selection of three of our favourite loose-leaf wellness teas which are expertly blended to energise, inspire and soothe your body, mind and soul.


The tea bundle includes:

Most of our sets are also available in a wicker hamper. Visit our range of Tea Hampers



Joy of Tea – Organic Wellness Tea Bag Collection 

Our Joy of Tea teabags are an organic wellness infusion of herbals. The perfectly balanced tea contains Rooibos and fresh organic mint and aniseed. The real-leaf tea comes in large innovative teabags that provide all the space these lovely teas need to unfurl and deliver their flavour. Each teabag also has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug while brewing and is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.




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29th April 2020

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