Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day can be seen as yet another commercial day in which we feel obliged to spend our hard-earned pennies on tacky gifts.

But we believe that Mother’s Day is different!

We genuinely think that mums, grandma’s, step-mums and anyone else who looks after us deserve a little appreciation as often as is possible. Life, of course, gets in the way, and these special women (and dads) deserve a day, or two for a little treat to make them feel appreciated. Mums deserve a little recognition for all that they do and the sheer determination they possess to make a million tasks happen each day.

We want to thank all those mums! We wouldn’t be here without you.

And for those mums who love a good cuppa, we have a few ideas on how to say thank you.
Our hand-picked Mother’s Day gift guide covers all the bases and suits every budget. It includes our wellness tea collection to help restore balance, an organic tea hamper with our favourite classic teas, beautiful ceramic teapots, porcelain mugs and a range of tea caddies to get you inspired!

Happy Mother’s Day!


1. NEW - Flower Girls Tea Caddy 100g

Our brand new Flower Girls caddy is in the classic square tin format with illustrated and embossed flower girls holding lavender in pink, grey and purple. Classic but fun and elegant, these charming caddies are perfect for loose-leaf teas and more!



2. NEW - Zaara Herb Mugs Matt Colourways 0.35L

Our new porcelain matt Zaara Herb Mugs are the perfect infuser mug for one. Great at home or in the office, they are ideal for perfectly brewing loose-leaf teas and infusions. The infuser mugs come in four enticing matt colours - matt berry red, matt grey, matt petrol and matt sky blue to suit every taste. A part of our Zaara Teapot range, the Herb Mugs come with a removable stainless-steel strainer and lid for effortless brewing. Created from high-quality porcelain, they are beautifully modern in design and are smooth to the touch and are dishwasher and microwave safe. 




3. Trees Tea Caddy Set 250g

Two distinctive trees – the majestic Gingko and aromatic Eucalyptus feature on our ‘Trees’ caddy set. The light and airy blue and green watercolour designs lend themselves to any setting, and the clip-down lids make for effortless tea storage.
Each tin comes with a 250g capacity and can store anything from loose-leaf tea or tea bags and cooking ingredients.




4. Betti Tea Caddy

The Betti tea caddy has a delightfully modern geometric pattern in cool pastel colours. Stylish and convenient in any home or shop, the tea caddies come with a classic square with a fitted lid. The 100g capacity is perfect for all of our teas, and the square shape makes for handy space-saving.





5. Wellness Tea Collection

We’ve put together a selection of three of our favourite loose-leaf wellness teas.
Included in the collection are Best Balance with smooth honey flavoured Rooibos, Feel Relaxed, a herbal infusion enhanced with an orange–cream and Sleep Well with caramel flavours. The Wellness Tea collection is expertly blended to energise, inspire and soothe your body, mind and soul.



6. Organic Tea Hamper

Our Organic Tea Hampers contains three loose-leaf tea pouches and a tea ball which are beautifully presented in a wicker hamper. We have selected these three organic best-sellers because we simply love these teas!

Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic is an elegantly flowery black tea with a delicious muscatel flavour. The tea is handpicked in the Summer for a fuller characteristic and an inviting aroma. 

Natural Assam Organic is a rare, top-class bold Assam tea with a honey-like flavour. When brewed, the fine leaves develop a malty tea with a hint of spice typical with a high-quality Assam.  

Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic is a superb green tea with a well-rounded character and gentle sweetness. The delicate buds and leaves from this rare Chinese tea can only be picked ten days a year, creating a truly unique tea.



 Happy Mother's Day!





Posted by cup of tea admin
2nd March 2020

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