Treat Yourself Teas

At Cup of Tea HQ, we believe that treating yourself is an essential part of maintaining balance and happiness. We don't mean shopping sprees or spa days, although they're fun, but treating ourselves from within.

We are essentially what we eat, and drink, and when it comes to tea, there really shouldn't be any compromise. It's one of the first things we drink and know that it can soothe, inspire, and help to maintain good health. It is, of course, our favourite drink, and we drink a lot of tea. Knowing which teas are 'special', can take an age to master, but luckily, tea is something we know a lot about.

It's clear to us that loose-leaf teas not only taste better but per gram, it is also better value. So, we've compiled a list of our favourite 'Treat Yourself Teas' to inspire your tea adventures. We've selected a rare white tea, a chocolatey Rooibos, a spicy yet milky black tea, and several others that we think you'll love.

So why not let tea treat you!


1. Yunnan Dongzhai Organic White Tea

Yunnan Dongzhai Organic White Tea

Our first-grade Yunnan Dongzhai is an exquisite organic Chinese white tea from the famous Yunnan area.

The name Dongzhai relates to the unusual look of this exceptional tea. The impressive dark leaves remind you of a night's sky, whereas the light velvety leaf represents the moon. The opened darker leaves are predominantly large, and the buds show an abundance of fluffy, silvery-white 'pekoe'.

This elegant tea depicts pleasant floral notes with hints of cocoa. It is soft on the palate and has a fragrant, sweet and aromatic finish.


2. Rooibos Hot Chocolate

Rooibos Hot Chocolate 

Our Rooibos 'Hot Chocolate' is a sumptuous treat without the calories!

An excellent South African Rooibos blended with Irish cream, hints of vanilla and cacao nibs. The dreamy caffeine-free fusion makes for a genuinely delicious flavoured herbal tea that is moreish and dreamy.



3. Golden Milk Black Tea

Golden Milk Black Tea

Our Golden Milk is a blend of organic black tea and Curcuma (turmeric).

A take on the traditional ayurvedic 'Golden Milk' or turmeric drink, the blend of Assam black tea is enhanced with turmeric, liquorice root and cinnamon pieces.

The cup has a gentle creamy flavour with the boldness of the Assam and makes for a wonderfully unique black tea blend.



4. Hayashi Kukicha Japanese Green Tea

Hayashi Kukicha Japanese Green Tea

Our organic Hayashi Kukicha Japanese Green Tea is a definitive green tea with a refreshing and pleasantly sweet character.

This premium Kukicha is undoubtedly one of the best varieties. Harvested in May when the delicate leaf shoots are at their best, tea grower Iwao Hayashi predominantly uses leaves of the Yabukita variety. The leaves from the tea plant are dampened longer than usual; they are then steamed for a little longer, which gives the tea it's intense colour.

This special green tea offers a brightly fresh green cup with a hint of silky sweetness, reminiscent of vanilla.



5. Lotus Blossom Sencha Tea

Lotus Blossom Sencha Tea 

Our Lotus Blossom is a Japanese style green Sencha tea with mango, rose, cornflower, marigold and blue mallow.

The unique blend of natural fruit flavours and green tea really revitalise the senses and offer an aromatic and indulgent 'everyday treat' cup.






Posted by cup of tea admin
3rd February 2020

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