Autumn in a Teacup

It’s that time of year again! The nights are getting longer, there’s a chill in the air, and it’s time to dig out our wellies and cagoules. We might as well forget the Indian summer, so often predicted, and embrace the colourful new season of autumn.

As the colour of the trees begins to change, so do out palates, and we yearn for deeper flavours, soothing brews and warming sensations. Autumn is an exciting time when cosy begins and a need for wellbeing and comfort sets in.

Like wine or chocolate, tea can be subjective, but we believe that everyone goes through stages eating or drinking certain flavours in line with the seasons.

Autumnal flavours and aromas can range greatly from warming apple to indulgent chocolate nuances. Flavours can be rich but also enlivening, warming orange and cinnamon can revive but also comfort. At this time of year, we crave deeper notes from teas like Assam, fragrant Earl Greys and smoky Russian Caravan. Chai Tea blends are also high on our list of go-to teas, with or without the addition of milk and sugar. The aromatic spices such as clove, anise or pepper can soothe a cold and wake up sluggish tendencies.

Here at Cup of Tea, we have a delightful collection of teas to enliven, warm and excite the palate.


Rich Tea Flavours



Assam Nahorhabi Tea

A rare loose-leaf, Assam Nahorhabi is from one of the oldest tea gardens of India. The fine dark leaves with golden tips provide a soft yet highly aromatic Assam with hints of malt and caramel flavours.







Irish Breakfast Tea

 A very popular classic tea, our Irish Breakfast is a full-bodied Assam. This loose-leaf tea has been specially selected for its robust and spicy characteristics which produce a tea with a delicious and intense flavour.







Russian Caravan Tea 

Certified organic, our Russian Caravan loose-leaf tea is a classic Assam black tea blend with mellow Chinese Yunnan and Oolong teas.  It’s distinctive smoky and strong flavour comes from expert blending and one not for the faint-hearted!                    










Spice Lovers’ Tea



Limited Edition Spicy Caramel Chai Tea 

This amazing Limited Edition Spicy Caramel Chai is a lively blend of green and black loose-leaf tea with caramel and spices. It's lightly spiced with a sweet melting caramel finish. We love it hot but think that cold as an iced tea offers a more intense taste experience.








Organic Golden Curcuma Chai Tea

Our brand new and exotic herbal Chai blend with turmeric is spicy, sweet and naturally caffeine-free. Real pieces of ginger, black peppercorns, liquorice root, turmeric, star anise, clove, cardamom and cinnamon pieces with cocoa create an indulgent and characteristic tea. 








Ginger Orange Cinnamon Tea

This fruity tea is a caffeine-free infusion of apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rooibos, candied pineapple pieces, ginger, cinnamon and orange pieces.

The first taste is a rich hit of fruit, followed by a touch of cinnamon with a warming spicy ginger finish.








Hints of Chocolate Teas


Rooibos Chocolate Truffle Tea 

Our caffeine-free Rooibos Chocolate Truffle is a flavoured herbal tea with indulgent chocolate truffle flavours. The blend of earthy South African Rooibos has its own natural vanilla background which is enhanced with sweet chocolatey undertones from the cacao nibs and sunflower blossoms.   







Irish Malt Tea

This delicious Assam loose-leaf tea is accented with whiskey and cocoa flavours. One of our best-sellers, the intensely and extravagant character of Irish whisky paired with a hint of cocoa, makes one delicious tea








Ayurveda Stay In Balance Organic Tea Bags

Our Ayurveda ‘Stay In Balance’ organic tea bags offer a delicate taste of chocolate and sweet lavender. Not only does this unique tea blend taste fantastic, but it also helps with internal calming balance. The organic herbal tea infusion is the perfect blend of dates, clover seeds, cacao nibs, cinnamon, lemon verbena, elderflowers, coconut flakes, sage leaves, blackberry leaves and lavender flowers.









Warming & Fruity Tea


Winter Harmony Tea

 Our Winter Harmony tea bags are autumn warmth in a convenient teabag. Containing real almonds, the flavoured herbal fruit infusion is delightful, well balanced, colourful and aromatic. As enlivening as it is warming, our Winter Harmony contains hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip, almond pieces, blackberry leaves, flavouring, raspberry pieces, cinnamon, orange peel and rose petals.











Fiery Cherry Tea 

Our caffeine-free Fiery Cherry is a unique fruit tea blend of powerful Morella cherries, hibiscus and orange peel. Finished with pure cherry juice, when brewed, this fruit tea offers a bright red cup.








Green Ginger & Lemon Tea

When citrus meets fiery ginger in a perfectly balanced loose-leaf blend, you have our Green Ginger & Lemon Tea. The Chinese green Sencha tea with real pieces of ginger and lemon offers a fiery yet fruity flavoured green tea with an elegant, fresh and very fine finish.









Sweetening Tea

Whether you like your tea sweetened, with dairy or non-dairy milk or with a slice of lemon, we always say, go with what you fancy!

We recommend white sugar for delicate Darjeelings and Green teas and brown sugar for bolder Ceylon and Assam teas.

Our range of sugars is small but sweet and covers all tastes!


Fine Sugar Crystals

Our fine sugar crystals dissolve slowly and offer a gentle sweetness to your cup of tea. Whether white sugar or brown, these petite sugar rocks allow you to add as much, or as little to suit all tastes. 












Crystal Sugar Sticks

Our Crystal Sugar Sticks are a slightly fancier approach to sweetening your favourite teas. The tiny sugar crystals on a recyclable stick allow an individual way of sweetening numerous brews











Giant Sugar Crystals

Our giant sugar crystal come in brown or white sugar. These sugar boulders are perfect for those with a sweet tooth or for those who want to sweeten Chai or Green teas as they brew.







9th October 2019

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