For The Love of Turmeric

For The Love of Turmeric


One of natures little wonders, turmeric is a root celebrated for its multiple health benefits. A super-food that is known to contain bioactive compounds; it is hailed as a powerful anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant and immunity booster. Turmeric has been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine and cuisine in India for thousands of years and has a unique chemical profile containing more than a hundred compounds, contributing to its ability to help alleviate multiple ailments and boost immunity. Turmeric possesses natural oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and phytochemicals, which aim to aid the entire body.
Much research has gone into this wonder-root, and many claims have been made to its favourable properties.


Golden Milk Drink

There are multiple ways to consume more turmeric and a plethora of ways to get it into our diets. You can take supplements (preferably organic) add it to various savoury dishes or try the classic Golden Milk brew. The drink is made from milk (either dairy or plant-based) turmeric, ginger and cinnamon and can be used with a mixture of ground or fresh ingredients. It's known as a calming drink, relaxing ‘sleep drink’ because it lowers blood sugar levels, aids the body’s own detoxification process and allows for a more restful sleep.

Golden Milk Tea – Wellness Pick Me Up

However, if you fancy a little pick-me-up but want to get your daily fix of turmeric, our pre blended Golden Milk Tea is a new take on the traditional Ayurvedic ‘Golden Milk’ or ‘turmeric drink’. It harnesses the powerful properties of the traditional ingredients, combining organic black Assam tea, turmeric (30%), balancing liquorice root and antioxidant cinnamon. The enlivening tea has an enhanced flavour with a gentle creamy finish but works as an enlivener that packs flavour and finesse.



If you fancy combining the traditional ‘Turmeric Milk’ with our Golden Milk Tea, then we have just the recipes for you. Highly flexible, these recipes can be adapted to suit any taste or occasion.

Hot - Warming and luxurious Brew

Brew the tea in a pot for 3-4 minutes (1 teaspoon per cup/mug)
Remove the tea leaves
Add a teaspoon of maple or carob syrup or honey to 150ml nut or dairy milk (we like cashew)
Using a whisk, or a frother, whip up the milk until light & foamy
Pour over the tea (in a cup)
Dust lightly with ground turmeric or cinnamon


Cold - A stronger infusion which we chill and dilute with ice

Brew the tea in a pot for 4-5 minutes (1 teaspoon per cup/mug)
Remove the tea leaves
Add a tablespoon of maple or carob syrup or honey and stir
Add thinly sliced turmeric, ginger and orange
Infuse for a further 5 minutes
Serve over ice with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

21st February 2019

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