Tea and Cake?

Who doesn’t love a delicious cup of tea and a scrumptious piece of cake!


We have collaborated with another lovely local company, The Wild Flour Cake Company to bring you our favourite tea and cake pairings!







The Wild Flour Cake Company, coffee shop cake specialists, started in 2015 with the help of the Prince’s Trust by Jess and Rachel. They baked their way from the kitchen table to their very own bakery on Timsbury Farm, Bath. They have over 40 years’ experience baking and their cakes are award winning and loved by cafes and customers alike. They love it when their customers say…. ‘‘that’s the best cake I have ever eaten!’’

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special, they have the right cake for you. They make delicious traybakes, muffins, loaves and rounds. Their ethos is to use fresh, wholesome, natural ingredients, inspired by the season. They don’t have any nasty preservatives or substitutes and have some extremely popular gluten free and vegan ranges as well.

Wild Flour Cake Company where ‘Winner of the Best Cakes’ in the Bath Good Food Awards in 2016 and 2017.














Wild Flour Cake Company make incredible tasting cakes and deliver to Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Wild Flour believe that food should be memorable. They create memorable cakes for memorable moments. Taste the love!

Have a look at their website to discover all their delicious cakes!


Or contact them at:

Email: hello@wildflourcakeco.co.uk                    

Telephone: 01761 479 641  

Twitter: @WildFlourBath         
















Balance helps facilitate our busy everyday lives; stability, managing time correctly, eating healthy, exercise and being mindful in one's thinking are all key ingredients for this. The key to staying healthy is not denying yourselves the pleasures of life but instead balancing them with exercise and a healthy mind. Eat a little of what you like, but everything in moderation. If you are going to enjoy drinking tea and eating cake why not make sure you eat the best out there and reap the benefits of using local companies? Cup of Tea.com and Wild Flour Cake Company are the perfect tea and cake pairing!




When tea arrived from China in the 17th century their where tales about its miraculous ability to cure everyday ailments, maintain health and prolong life. Recent research has proved that at least some of these claims are true. And of course, tea is an excellent way to keep our daily fluid intake topped up which is great to keep hydrated, feign off tiredness and prevent headaches.

So, is tea hydrating? 

Yes! Tea does hydrate you and helps distribute water to the body. There is some confusion over this and it is to do with caffeine. All teas, except herbal, fruit or caffeine-free tea contain some form of caffeine. Compared to coffee it is minimal, 30-40mg for tea and 100mg per cup for coffee.

Tea is a low-caffeine drink so the diuretic effect is minimal. On the whole, tea gives your body much more water than it causes your body to lose. So, drinking tea does definitely help to hydrate you!




Tea is not simply a beverage, it is an essential part of our social life, add the colours of fine teaware to our tables and it offers us a drink which is cleansing and revitalizing.

It is, quite simply the best drink of the day!

The innovation of the indulgence called ‘afternoon tea’ is accredited to Anna Maria, 7th Duchess of Bedford. She did not invent the ceremony but simply gave it a name. The Duchess found it convenient to serve tea 2-3 hours before dinner, as well as (or instead of) after the meal. She found afternoon tea so essential to her daily routine that when she visited friends in their castles and palaces she took with her a silver kettle and other tea equipment!

Nowadays, afternoon tea is celebrated everywhere. There are so many gloriously English venues that really do afternoon tea in style. Afternoon tea can be served at a table perfectly laid with a crisp, white linen tablecloth and napkins, fine china and silver cutlery. The tea is served from a silver teapot, accompanied by hot water and milk. A selection of sandwiches is followed by delicious scones topped with strawberry jam and thick clotted cream, and then irresistibly tempting little cakes and pastries. Exquisite!

Taking tea in the afternoon is unquestionably a luxury. It allows you to slow down, spend quality with family and friends, and enjoy good tea and food. It is also a wonderful way to celebrate an impending wedding, birth, or other celebratory event.




At Cup of Tea we love tea and cake! Our lovely friends at Wild Flour Cake Company have selected some of their favourite cakes and we have chosen some delicious teas to drink with them – enjoy!



Available from a range of cafes in Bath, please get in touch to find out where they are stocked.

Carrot Cake Muffin – Vegan and Gluten Free

Banana and Chocolate Cake – Vegan















1. Darjeeling Summer Gold loose leaf tea

£9.90 for a 100g bag

An organic, flowery black tea with a delicious muscat flavour. This tea is picked in the summer and is a delicious black tea for those who like their tea a little stronger.














2. Assam Golden Broken Tips loose leaf tea

£5.60 for a 100g bag

A perfect blended Assam tea to start the day with an elegant spicy taste. It is full of flavour and is perfect with or without a little milk. A delicious breakfast tea!


















3. Rooibos African Sun Organic loose leaf tea

£4.80 for a 100g bag

A full flavoured, organic, creamy South-African rooibos with a touch of vanilla. This tea is caffeine-free and is a delicious tea to enjoy with a piece of cake in the afternoon!


















4. Tippy Golden Earl Grey loose leaf tea

£5.90 for a 100g bag

A delicately flowery black tea, flavored with bergamot. This tea is a classic Earl Grey and would make a perfect cake pairing!













Tea and Cake – why not : )


















































































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17th September 2018

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