Cup of Tea Ltd & Make a Cup of Tea Ltd: A Matcha made in heaven!

We are delighted to welcome a guest blogger to the Cup of Tea blog, Emma Gillies.

Emma works for Make a Cup of Tea Ltd, a consultancy specialising in marketing, copywriting, social media management and bookkeeping. She contacted us to collaborate as we have very similar company names and we now supply Emma with our delicious Teavelope teabags to send out to her clients.

Here she talks about how our partnership started and about her marketing company Make a Cup of Tea Ltd……



Our names may be incredibly similar, but our businesses could not be further set apart if we tried!  One, specialises in the sourcing and distribution of some of the most amazing teas you can find worldwide and then there is our company!

Founded in 2015, Make a Cup of Tea (MCT) is a multi-service consultancy specialising in marketing, copywriting, social media management and bookkeeping!  From town planning to marketing and design agencies, international technology enterprises to SME’s, you could say we work with a varia-tea of sectors!


                                                                   Make a Cup of Tea Ltd


Creating the name was a no brainer for us; tea has always been a conversation starter.  You visit a friend and the first thing they offer is a cup of tea; you go to a meeting and offer a client a tea, you attend an event, and everyone heads to the teabags and hot water dispenser before you mingle!  It is the one staple drink everybody knows and the majority, (I like to think) loves to drink!


In fact, tea takes such a precedent in our company that everything we do, say or publish is tea-related.  From our slogan ‘giving clients a well-earned tea break’ to the infinite tea quotes we source and use for every invoice we send out; email subject lines such as ‘It’s tea break time’ or ‘Fancy a tea & a chat’ to the teabags which accompany our business cards – tea is fundamental in our company’s offering.


We don’t just stop there!  Creating infographics which compare copy to tea shades to tea-related images used throughout our marketing channels; sending out tea-related gifts and cards to clients at Christmas to tea printed notebooks used internally, there is not one avenue that is left un-tea’d!


This year we are extending the services of MCT; becoming more of a multi-service consultancy partnering with countrywide and internationally-known suppliers and giving clients a one-stop shop for creative and consultancy services.  Offering graphic and web design, to print and photography, video and communications to sustainability, our new packages set to eliminate the exhausting process of sourcing new suppliers!


But to really make our packages stand out it was a given, that each offering had to have an affiliated tea pun!  And yes, we are going to town with the puns including creaivi-tea, varia-tea, diversi-tea and many more glorious tea words!


Taking this concept one step further and really ingraining our love of all things tea; we also wanted to create introductory packs which would capture the tea theme. However, to ensure the contents was of a high calibre, we knew that we needed a tea company who would only supply the best of the best.  Approaching Cup of Tea as one of our new sponsors was not just based on namesake (albeit we were biased!) but because of their extensive selection of teabags. We wanted a supplier who we could form a long-lasting trusted relationship with and who could provide tea that everyone would love and use! Supplying us with an incredible selection; we will be integrating their mix of teabag blends in every introductory pack we send out – sharing quali-tea produce across the world!




Tea isn’t just a staple in British society; it is the universal drink everyone knows, understands and just loves for its simplicity!  And that is how our company functions; giving clients simplicity through our offering without the need or unnecessary stress to shop around.

And as the legendary Audrey Hepburn states ‘When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that's when I think life is over’.

Long live tea and all its puns!        






Article written by:  Emma Gillies

Director:                   Make a Cup of Tea Ltd



Facebook:                @makeacupoftealtd




Posted by cup of tea admin
9th August 2018

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