Fruit Teas - Delicious Hot or Cold! 


Squeeze every last drop out of Summer with our range of delicious Fruit Teas!

Fruit Teas are a refreshing natural caffeine-free alternative to traditional teas and we have a delicious range of summer flavours such as strawberry, banana, berries and many more.

Fruit teas are made using a wide variety of fruits including pieces of apple, hibiscus, rosehip, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry and many more. Apple, rosehip and hibiscus are probably the most preferred components in fruit teas. Hibiscus offers a fruity tart note and a deep red colour, like our Hibiscus Blossoms Tea.

Our teas contain no artificial flavours and the flavouring we do have comes from the highest quality ingredients and fruit juice concentrates. 

Pour yourself a rainbow of flavours, aromas, and moods with our delicious fruit teas.


Fruit Teas - Thirst quenching, caffeine free and delicious hot or cold!




Traditional teas, such as black tea come from the Camellia Sinensis plant and naturally contain caffeine. Fruit teas however come from the peel, roots, petal or leaves from a wide range of fruits and are naturally caffeine free. They offer a very different tea tasting experience to traditional teas. One of the great features of fruit teas is they can be served hot or cold. Have a read on our blog about ‘Iced Teas’ for more information about drinking fruit teas cold or the process of ‘cold brewing.’  During the hot weather, fruit teas can be used as a fantastic cooler, providing refreshment and flavour. They can also be a great drink for children as they can experience a wide range of flavours without any added sugar.



Fruit teas are made from natural unprocessed fruits. They are naturally sweet but do not have the overpowering sweetness of sugar. Fruit Tea is made by cutting or grating the chosen fruits into small pieces and then drying them. The teas are produced blending a variation of dried fruits together, some contain up to 9 or 10 different ingredients. The skill in blending the mix is to achieve a good balance and the perfect taste experience. Hot water extracts the flavour of the fruit but requires a much longer brewing time than traditional teas to achieve the best taste result.



Often, we can feel sluggish midday, and our first reaction is to grab coffee or unhealthy sugary snack. This isn’t ideal to try to fight the slump with unhealthy choices. Sometimes low blood sugar or dehydration can be to blame- enter fruity teas! Fruit teas are packed with flavour and will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. All fruit tea will help you consume the necessary water intake throughout your day. Not only are fruit teas ultra-hydrating, but they will not dehydrate you like coffee does.

One of the main benefits of drinking fruit tea is that they contain high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants posses a wide range of health benefits including the strengthening of the immune system, improved complexion, reducing the effects of aging and more. Fruit Tea is often high in Vitamin C which comes with a number of benefits such as regulating blood pressure, a healthier heart and more. We also believe drinking fruit tea is a relaxing and tasteful experience. We believe everyone can enjoy the wonderful tastes and experience of drinking fruit teas.



Fruit teas are prepared and stored in the same way as traditional teas, preferably in a dark storage place such as a metal tea caddy and at around room temperature.

However, brewing time is much longer for fruit teas, typically 8 to 10 minutes.

The standard process is as follows:

Boil fresh water

Place your fruit infusion in a tea strainer or infuser

Pour the freshly boiled hot water over the tea

Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time

Strain the tea

Sit back, relax and enjoy!



How to brew Fruit teas




Completely delicious, made from only the very best ingredients with the added benefit of being completely caffeine free. When it comes to refreshment, thirst-quenching fruit infusions are hard to beat. If the heat is rising, enjoy one cold ­- but, if your body is in need of warming, a hot fruit infusion is sure to do just the trick.

We have a fantastic range of fruit teas to choose from, a flavour for everyone!

Here are some of our favourites:





Flavoured blend of fruit tea and popcorn, with the taste of popcorn

£4.90 for a 100g bag


Enjoy the unique taste of candied fruits, lovely coconut notes and sweet popcorns with this delicious tea.

Popcorn love loose leaf tea







Flavoured fruit tea with the taste of banana and tropical fruit

£4.90 for a 100g bag


Tropical explosion of genius - enjoy hot or freezing cold: mango, banana and passion fruit flavours make this fruit tea a summer hit. Enjoy hot, or cold as an iced tea!

Tropical Banana loose leaf tea







Organic blend of fruity strawberry and sweet basil - a soft, fruity and aromatic tea

£4.30 for a 100g bag


Fruity strawberry and intense basil, blended with cool lemon grass and sweet apple pieces - a soft, gentle aromatic and fruity tea. 

Strawberry and Basil loose leaf tea







Find your favourite fruit infusion with this delightful tasting box with our favourite 10 fruit infusions.


Naturally caffeine free.

There's enough of each tea to make two mugs or a two to three cups (3.9g bags)

Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Box - Fruit Teas


This box contains:

Apple Quince - Apple, quince and lemon grass taste. Light in colour with a slightly tart yet sweet note

Fine Pear - Tasteful pears infuse to a mellow sweet and mild yet refreshing drink

Strawberry- Raspberry - Fresh summer berries enhanced with a hint of strawberry and raspberry juice

Fit & Fruit - Refreshing mango infusion with an intense aroma and delicately sweet and exotic flavour

Fresh and Cheeky – Intense wild berry flavours

Grapefruit Punch – Sparkling, fresh like a fruit punch

Red Fruit Pudding - Full bodied flavour with native berries, raspberry and cherry taste

Lemon Twist – Sparkling and refreshing with two types of lemon fruit

Black Elderberry - Elderberries and elderflowers, finished with fine apple, lemon and rose petals

White Peach - Light, pleasant and soft blend of sweet white peach taste and fresh lemon myrtle








































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25th July 2018

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