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Green tea originates from the very same plant species, the Camelia Sinensis, as black tea and all other tea types. It is made from leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea is distinctly different to black tea because it goes through a different process.

Green tea production is characterised by an initial stage of short intense heat to deactivate enzymes in the leaf and prevent oxidisation (the leaf going brown).

Green tea originates in China but it has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. Green tea gained its popularity as the Chinese tea ceremonies increased in the 8th century. The steaming method was practiced and improved enabling the hosts to offer a far superior green tea at the ceremonies. As popularity grew over the coming centuries, green tea was not only offered at the tea ceremonies but became ingrained as part of everyday culture

Green tea is often misunderstood. The best green teas are deliciously fresh – they taste green and alive. A common misconception is that green tea has an overwhelmingly bitter taste. When asked, many people say they don’t like the flavour of this tea but this can be because they are buying inferior green teas and are probably brewing them incorrectly! Green tea can be sweet and fragrant or deep in flavour, it all depends on the origin, processing, temperature and time of the process to make it. 

Green tea is now produced and enjoyed all over the world. In fact, green tea has made somewhat of a comeback in the 20th/21st century as western countries have become more aware of its significant health benefits. Long live green tea!


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The Chinese have been combining green tea with other tastes and aromas for thousands of years and we offer a variety of the most beautiful blends. We have high quality loose leaf teas enhanced with exotic flowers, fruit pieces and herbs. The art of tea flavouring requires a great deal of skill. The most exquisite flavoured green teas are those that achieve the perfect balance of ingredients; enough flavour to complement the tea, without overpowering its own characteristic taste. Japanese Sencha, with its large, whole leaves is particularly suited to flavouring and this is the basis of the most popular flavoured green tea we sell; Morning Dew.



At Cup of Tea, Morning Dew is our favourite flavoured green tea. We have many different Morning Dew tea varieties to share with you. Here are some of our favourites:



MORNING DEW – Green tea gently scented with mango and citrus.

This is one of our best sellers and a tea that many customers buy over and over. It has a charming composition, made up of large leaf sencha with delicately fruity aromas and petals, which make this tea an unforgettable experience!

Brewing Time – 2-3 minutes

£5.30 for a 100g bag

Morning Dew loose leaf tea




MORNING DEW JOY OF TEA TEABAGSFlavoured green tea with delicate mango and citrus flavours.

These tea bags are a great alternative to our loose-leaf Morning Dew tea. They contain the same real leaf tea in an innovative teabag design. The large teabag provides all the space this lovely tea needs to unfurl and deliver its flavour. Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup whilst brewing. Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness.

Brewing Time – 2-3 minutes

£6.95 for 15 tea bags

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G-in-T GIN INFUSED WITH MORNING DEWZiegler gin blended with Morning Dew tea.

This is the perfect combination for a Gin and Tonic or any other interesting cocktail! This gin from the Ziegler distillery in Freudenberg, Germany is infused with the famous Morning Dew tea from the Ronnefeldt tea house. This gives this gin its unmistakable taste; green tea with a hint of mango and juniper. These aromas caress the gin and make it unique and a perfect taste. A truly captivating gin!

£39.95 - 700ml bottle

18+ Years

Gin T Gin Infused with Morning Dew Tea











Happy Tea (and Gin) Drinking!











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27th June 2018

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