Tea Gifts for all Tea Lovers

Tea Gifts for all Tea Lovers


We are known as a nation of avid tea drinkers and we take our cup of tea very seriously indeed! Tea is a gift that can be enjoyed all year round and creates endless wonderful experiences for the recipient. If you have a tea lover in your life, it can be hard to find a thoughtful and unique gift that they don’t already have. We have a wonderful selection of tea and tea accessories, so browse our gift guides to find your extra special Christmas tea gifts!
























1. Ronnefeldt Golden Dragon Rare loose leaf tea - £9.80 for a 50g bag

Tea. Always tea. You know they’ll like it.

Try something a little more unique and special, a tea from our range of Rare teas. We particularly like Ronnefeldt Golden Dragon loose leaf tea. This is a premium Chinese black tea with a delightful chocolate, malt and fruit taste. This tea is just as delicious hot or cold and has a golden appearance and a golden taste.


2. Xilin Green Tea Set 0.8L - £59.80

Any tea connoisseur should have a special tea set and we have a tasteful range of cast iron and glass teapots. Our favourite here at Cup of Tea is the Xilin Tea Set which comes in green, red and blue and in 2 different sizes, 08.L and 1.25L

Our much-loved Xilin Green Tea set 0.8L includes:

Xilin Green Teapot 0.8L - A classic Japanese cast iron teapot with a removable stainless steel filter. This teapot will make around 4-5 cups of tea.

Xilin Green Cups – Designed to match the classic Japanese teapot, made from cast iron and glazed on the inside.

Xilin Green Trivet – Made from cast iron and designed to match the teapot and cups.



3. Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Green Teas - £5.60

We have a great gift idea for any tea expert; why not try our box of 10 Tea Taster samples. One of our favourite picks is the Tea Tasting Selection Green Teas. The box contains 10 different sachets of delicious organic green loose leaf tea. Each sachet will make 2-3 cups of tea.  Try this selection box and discover your favourite green tea!

The 10 green teas featured are:

Bancha – Tart, tangy mildly grassy Japanese tea.

Yuncui – Light, fruity, fragrant tea with a touch of sweetness.

Gu Zhang Mao Jian – Rare, slightly sweet tea with a unique character.

Lung Ching – Rare, mildly tangy spring tea.

Fancy Sencha – Light green tea with a gentle breath of bitter sweetness.

Green Keemun Coungou – Rare tea with a balanced, rounded, aromatic flavour.

Oolong Ti Dung – Mildly fermented tea with a fine delicate sweetness.

Pi Lo Chun – A fragrant, fruity green tea.

Green North Tukvar – Exquisite, fruity and tart green tea.

Green Watawala Special – Rare Ceylon tea, light, yet slightly tart



4. Tea Hamper Green Tea Selection - £27.90

We have a range of fantastic Tea Hamper gift sets on our website. In this ‘Tea Hamper Green Tea Selection’ gift set we have selected three of our finest green teas from our loose leaf tea range for you to enjoy or as a gift for someone special.

The hamper includes:

100g Ronnefeldt Morning Dew - A classic flavoured green tea with mango citrus flavours.

100g Ronnefeldt Green Keemun Congou - A balanced aromatic flavoured Chinese green tea.

100g Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic A delicate and rare tea with a slight sweet unique flavour.

Stainless steel tea ball - An infuser tea ball with fine mesh.

Wicker Hamper – 12” reusable wicker hamper 



5. Mono Filio Teapot 1.5L - £95.00

This stylish teapot is from the Mono Range and is a small piece of tea indulgence! You place your favourite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve and watch the leaves unfold freely as they release their flavour. This teapot serves 6-8 cups of tea and would be a great stand out teaware piece for any kitchen.


Discover all our fantastic and exciting Tea and Tea Accessory gifts in our Tea Gifts section on our website!






















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10th November 2017

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