Tea Gifts for the Office

 Our assortment of workplace gifts have been carefully selected from our exquisite range of tea and tea gifts. You can find the ideal gift for any tea lover; employees, clients, colleagues or work friends. Find a great gift for a busy person who loves enjoying an exceptionally good cup of tea!





1. Sao Green Tea Set - £36.00

A great gift for any colleague at Christmas. This Green Tea set includes:

Sao Teapot 0.4L - A hand painted white ceramic tea-for-one set with black and gold decoration. The teapot comes with a stainless steel strainer.

100g Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian Organic loose leaf tea – A superb organic green tea with a gentle sweetness.


2. Ronnefeldt Set of 5 Tea Tasting Selections - £31.00

Treat your workplace to a great selection of 50 different teas to try from black, green, wellness, fruit and herbal. 5 boxes and in each box contains 10 loose leaf tea samples, enough to make 2-3 cups of tea.  Buy this set of tasty teas and receive a free box of tea filters so you can start enjoying your tea straight away! This Tea Tasting Selection contains:


Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Black Teas – 10 tea samples including; delicate Darjeeling’s, malty Assam’s and a classic English Breakfast.

Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Green Teas - 10 tea samples including tea varieties from China, India and Sri Lanka.

Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Fruit Infusions - 10 caffeine-free tea samples including; Fine Pear, Red Fruit pudding and Black Elderberry.

Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Herbal Tea - 10 caffeine-free tea samples including; Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla and Ginger with Herbs.

Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Wellness Teas - 10 tea samples including; Best Balance, Feel Fit and Good Vitality.


3. Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Set of 4 Teas - £24.80

Spoil your workplace and colleagues with this gorgeous set of our of our specially crafted Organic Ayurveda teas.

The set includes:


75g Ayurveda Feel Beauty Organic - Embrace your inner beauty with our herbal infusion which has a delicate combination of vanilla and oriental spices

100g Ayurveda Keep On Going Organic- A herbal infusion to help you keep going with oriental herbs and spices

100g Ayurveda Stay in Balance Organic - Take a break from everyday life with our herbal infusion which has fine chocolate notes with sweet lavender.

100g Ayurveda Light My Flame Organi- Ignite your inner fire with this organic herbal tea which has a warming infusion of spicy ginger, fruity lemon and refreshing mint.


4. Stones Round Set of Three Tea Caddies - £32.40

These beautiful tea caddies will brighten any workplace; they have a unique hammered finish and come in three colours, Platin, Lilac and Grey. They can each hold 500g of loose leaf tea.  Dimensions are 190mm (h) x 109mm (diameter)


5. Ronnefeldt Teavelope Winterdream Teabags - £4.60

These teabags are the taste of winter! They are a rich Rooibos tea with a powerful aroma of winter spices, creamy caramel and oranges. Each teabag is individually wrapped in an aroma protection sachet for perfect freshness. Each box has 25 teabags. A great gift for any work environment!


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14th November 2017

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