Refresh and Cool with our Mint Teas

Refresh and Cool with our Mint Teas

Herbal teas have been part of human life probably as long as history goes. Even before farming began humans used to collect herbs and berries and started to use them as remedies. The family of mint plants has certainly developed to one of the most popular herbals. It is widely used for different purposes, may it be as a soothing or refreshing drink, a remedy, culinary herb or part of a cocktail.


As ever there are many myths surrounding mint tea, one being to do with Greek Mythologies. Apparently the God Pluto was caught in the arms of a nymph called Menthe, by his wife. Driven by jealousy, Pluto’s wifeturned Menthe into a plant. Pluto did not intervene, but in memory of the beautiful Nymph he gave the plant the attractive mint scent. Besides the amusing history, from a more practical point, during the middle age mint was scattered in hospitals to disguise bad smells. The plant was mainly appreciated for its strong scent and high content of menthol. Mint is said to improve breathing and soothe cramps within the digestive system. The fresh or dried leaves need to be brewed with boiling hot water and should infuse for around 8 to 10 minutes to get the full taste and benefit.


In North Africa and the Middle East mint is certainly one of the most favourite beverages. The preferred recipe is based on a mild green tea (Gunpowder for example) that is brewed and strongly sweetened. Before the tea is poured, some fresh nana mint leaves, a special strong, small leafed Arabic mint, are placed in a glass or mug. The hot tea infuses the mint into the drink. For a more convenient approach we offer a ready-made blend of Gunpowder Organic green tea and nana mint with our popular loose leaf tea, Green Oasis.


If you prefer the traditional peppermint the choice is yours with either the single serving enveloped tea bag, Teavelope Peppermint or the loose leaf tea, Peppermint. There is also plain Moroccan Nana Mint in loose leaf or the interesting blend of Mint & Fresh, based on peppermint with a hint of lemon grass. This formula also comes in an upmarket single serving as part of our Joy of Tea range. A more interesting recipe is our Nettle, Balm and Mint loose leaf tea, a wonderful calming drink that combines the benefit and taste of several herbs.


Whichever format of mint you prefer, we think we are able to cater for most. If you are used to brewing mint tea the traditional way and like to drink it hot, perhaps you should give the chilled version a go? Mint tea can be very refreshing as a cold drink on a hot day.


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11th August 2017

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