Our Guide to the Top Summer Teas- Feel Refreshed!

Our Guide to the Top Summer Teas- Feel Refreshed!

1. Ronnefeldt Rose Tea With Petals

A flavoured blend of black and green tea and delicate scent and taste of rose. It has a highly distinctive flavour that is guaranteed to satisfy on a warm day. Even better, after brewing, you can be out in the garden enjoying your cuppa in no time at all.

2. Darjeeling Badamtam Organic First Flush

The Champagne of teas, and a real treat for tea aficionados. This delicious First Flush arrives from the Badamtam tea garden in the foothills of the Himalayas, and delivers a floral finish that cleanses the palate and enlivens the senses. There’s no doubt that this is one of the finest teas you can buy in – but get hold of yours quickly, because supplies are limited!

3. Ronnefeldt Organic Green Oasis

Fancy the refreshing flavour of gunpowder green tea with a hit of Moroccan peppermint thrown in for good measure? Green Oasis is perfect as a post-barbecue aid to digestion, but its delicate flavours make it a hit at any time of day. You’ll enjoy the distinctive shape of the pellet-sized leaves, but you’ll relish the refreshing taste even more.

4. Ronnefeldt Organic Raspberry and Rosemary

A new organic infusion of fruity raspberry and spicy rosemary, blended with fennel, lemon peel and liquorice -  naturally caffeine free - expect your taste buds to tingle

5. Ronnefeldt Green Lemon

A flavoured green Sencha tea from China with the aroma of fresh lemons. Gentle tasting green tea and zesty lemon for a deliciously refreshing taste - perfect for a summers day.

6. Ronnefeldt Organic Silver Yunnan

One of the most striking things about Silver Yunnan is its large silvery leaf buds, which have a striking beauty that makes it almost a pity to cover them in hot water. But if you take the plunge, you’ll be rewarded with a speciality white tea that has a fruity, flowery finish that is guaranteed to refresh, renew and reinvigorate you.

7. Ronnefeldt Green Angel Teavelope Organic

You know how it is. Some days you long for the ritual of making loose-leaf tea, and other days you need a quick fix of quality tea before tackling the next task. The Green Angel Teavelope is designed for just such an occasion, and will reward you with a taste that’s part peach, part pear. Flavour, refreshment and convenience, all in one handy packet.

8. Ronnefeldt Ceylon Orange Pekoe

For many, Ceylon is the archetypal tea to sup on a hot day. With a golden-red colour, this Orange Pekoe is a full-flavoured variety of an old favourite, grown in the Dimbula district of Sri Lanka. It’s definitely a good choice for those who enjoy a strong cuppa, and it works particularly well with a plate of tasty scones or cake.

9. Ronnefeldt Strawberry Cream

One of the great joys of an English summer is fresh strawberries. Now, you can enjoy that same taste of fruity strawberries with a dash of cream in a delicious rooibos infusion. Based on a green rooibos, this naturally caffeine-free tea combines the perfume of lavender with a hint of lemon myrtle, resulting in a sparkling brew that that will soothe away your cares.

10. Ronnefeldt Fruit Infusions Selection Tasting Box

If you are struggling to find your favourite fruit tea then try our tea tasting selection box - 10 different fruit teas to try all specially blended by our tea experts. There's enough of each tea to make a couple of mugs or a 2/3 cup pot.

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16th June 2017

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