Delicious Chocolaty Teas

Delicious Chocolaty Teas

Taste our delicious chocolaty teas.

Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate or perhaps nougat or praline, chocolate means a treat for many people.

We have selected some marvellous teas that will indulge your taste buds without the calories.

  1. Irish Malt – flavoured black tea with whiskey and cocoa taste. A firm favourite for a long time, Irish Malt has an extravagant flavour of typical Irish Whiskey with a hint of cocoa over an intense malty Assam blend
  2. Black Bounty – flavoured black tea with chocolate and coconut taste - organic. Our latest creation based on an organic mild black tea from Africa – close your eyes and enjoy the intense chocolate aroma with a strain of exotic coconut. It is just like eating a coconut chocolate bar – delicious and lingering.
  3. Chocolate Chai – flavoured black tea blend and cocoa peel with the taste of nut and nougat. Certainly a different variation of Chai – melt-in-your-mouth, soft nougat and cocoa notes blended with typical Chai spices including ginger, anise, black pepper, clove, cinnamon pieces and fennel.
  4. Rooibos Hot Chocolate – flavoured Rooibos with the taste of Irish Cream and vanilla. A dream of chocolate without calories and caffeine – the ultimate healthy version of chocolate delight. Delicious Rooibos from South Africa, expertly blended with Irish Cream taste, Vanilla and cocoa notes.
  5. Cocoa Kisses – Colombian black tea and cocoa peel. Full flavoured, but at the same time mild black tea with a light cocoa background. The tea is of exceptional quality and comes from the area of La Cumbre located in the foggy hill sides of the West Anden.
  6. Golden Dragon – Chinese black tea. Golden looks and exquisite taste. Golden Dragon has a natural hint of chocolate as well as malty and fruity notes without any tartness or bitterness. This tea tastes brilliant even cold.
21st September 2016

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