Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling and its Teas

The legendary gardens of Darjeeling are located just to the south of the Himalayas. An estimated 87 tea estates spread over seven valleys comprise the area of Darjeeling, most of them at elevations averaging 1500m above sea level. Darjeeling teas are often seen as the ‘champagne of teas’.

As the altitude rises, the cool, thin air slows leaf growth, yielding smaller tea leaves. The slower maturation concentrates the flavour in the leaves, giving these teas a well-defined, precise taste profile.Not just the elevation but also the time of harvest changes the flavour. First Flush reveals peachy, honey and muscatel notes and high astringency; the second flush displaying medium body, less astringency, and citrusy, crisp, apricot notes; finally the autumnal flush delivers full body and hints of ripe fruit.

The price of fine Darjeeling teas is high. Many of the gardens are hand-picked and processed using the traditional orthodox method. Worldwide demand for pure, unblended Darjeelings remains strong. Tea garden owners sell their tea under their garden name or mark, such as Badamtam, Singell or Turzum.

The best Darjeeling teas are sold by lot number (called an ‘invoice’) that pegs each lot’s manufacture to an exact day of a specific month, but rarely does the consumer see this detail.

Seasonal weather plays an important role in the outcome of any given batch of tea. The price of pure Darjeeling in any given year reflects demand plus the quantity and quality of the tea, depending on the weather conditions leading up to and during the time of plucking and processing.


2016 First Flush Darjeeling 

It was exactly the weather this year which delayed the outcome of the very best 2016 First Flush Darjeelings but we have now obtained three exceptional organic loose leaf Darjeeling teas for you.

Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Badamtam DJ3

Badamtan 2016 First FlushThe Badamtam tea garden is located in the Leobong valley. The area faces the Himalayas and has been seen as one of the first flush growing places for a long time. Badamtam first flush teas come with a long lasting flowery and aromatic taste and a slight sweetness to finish. The cup looks beautiful clear and bright golden yellow just like a first picking should be.





Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Singell DJ4

Singell Darjeeling First Flush 2016Singell has been established as one of the first tea gardens in Darjeeling. It gained organic status already 20 years ago way ahead of nowadays bigger organic movement. Singell produces some of the purest teas available. The fresh, flowery and fine taste combined with a deep, impressive aroma makes this first flush a must-have cup for every Darjeeling lover.





Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 Turzum DJ5

Darjeeling Turzum 2016 First FlushThe Turzum garden is located close to Darjeeling town and was established by British tea growers around 1860. The original meaning of the name Turzum is ‘weekly market’. The tea garden is located in the Rung Bong valley, which rises up to 1700m above sea level. The estate is one of the most beautiful in Darjeeling and is known for its high quality and exquisite teas.



Posted by Lesley Houlton
6th May 2016
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