Expand your tea-tasting horizons with our collection of four boxed selection packs – available with a set of free filters for a limited time only

One of the greatest pleasures about drinking high-quality speciality tea is discovering new flavours. Rather than drinking the same old variety every day, you can sample an astonishing array of teas, from black to green, white to herbal – and everything in between.

The trouble is, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down your choices. After all, you’ll end up drinking a lot of tea that isn’t quite to your taste before you settle on the varieties you favour. And while we’d love to sell you as much of our tea as possible, we know that it won’t always be cost effective to try a huge cross section of our range.

That’s why we’re offering a set of four 10-tea selection boxes for a price of just £22.40. Buy this, and you’ll have 40 different samples of loose-leaf tea to savour, giving you ample opportunity to identify your favourites and explore new varieties.

The box set includes a black tea selection with flavoursome varieties including Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic, a delicious Second Flush Darjeeling with an elegant floral tone. It also offers a taste of Light & Late® Ceylon (Decaffeinated) – a tangy cuppa with a fruity countenance that’s ideal for bedtime.

There’s also a green tea selection box featuring teas from China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). This includes the unusually grassy Ronnefeldt Gabalong, the surprisingly sweet Ronnefeldt Oolong Ti Dun Organic and the tantalisingly tart Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar Organic.

If out-of-the-ordinary flavours are your thing, the herbal collection will keep you pleasantly entertained. It features popular Ronnefeldt varieties such as Rooibos Orange Cream, the feel-good Best Balance and the invigorating Ginger with Herbs.

The final piece of our tea-tasting jigsaw is the fruit infusion selection box. Its contents include some of our most refreshing teas, which are perfect for this time of year and can be enjoyed either hot or as iced tea. Samples include Fiery Cherry, Red Fruit Pudding, and the inspiringly-named Olympic Star.

Whatever your preferences, these four boxes provide a perfect way to sample a wide variety of teas, across the full spectrum of flavours. They’ll give you plenty to ponder, and are a sure fire way to unearth new favourites and become reacquainted with old friends.

As an extra incentive, we’re offering a free box of tea filters worth £3.70 with every selection-pack order for a limited period. So you can get brewing the minute your orders arrive.

That leaves you with just one thing to decide: which variety are you going to sample first?

Buy tea online from our extensive collection, and order your 40-tea selection pack here.

17th August 2015

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