If caffeine is off your agenda, that doesn’t mean your tea-drinking days are over. Far from it, in fact. Fruit and herbal infusions offer a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional teas. They contain a wealth of health-giving vitamins and minerals – meaning that you can enjoy them with a completely clear conscience.


So get your tastebuds tingling, with our top 10 caffeine-free infusions:


1. Rooibos Cream Orange

This full-bodied rooibos blend combines the tanginess of ripe orange peel with the creaminess of delicate vanilla. The result is an infusion that’s refreshing and relaxing, and delicious either hot or cold.


2. Nightcap

End the day the natural way, with this calming mixture of soothing herbs. Ingredients include camomile flowers, lemon balm, orange blossoms, lavender, peppermint, fennel and strawberry leaves.


3. Rhubarb Cream

As fruit blends go, Ronnefeldt’s Rhubarb Cream is hard to beat. Flavours such as rhubarb, hibiscus, apple, pineapple and mango complement the delicate sweetness of genuine bourbon vanilla. This creates a brew that is smooth, creamy and mouthwateringly tasty.


4. Peppermint

A cool, invigorating infusion made from peppermint leaves. The natural, menthol character of this infusion makes it the perfect way to round off a meal.


5. Feel Relaxed

After a hectic day, let this rooibos-based herbal blend live up to its name. Sweet blackberry leaves, refreshing lemon balm, and delicate sunflower and cornflower petals combine to help your stresses and strains just melt away.


6. Red Fruit Pudding

If berries are your thing, then Red Fruit Pudding is the infusion for you. Its dark red cup colour and delightful aroma give way to an explosion of fruity flavours, including elderberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants.


7. Ginger and lemon

The natural warmth of ginger balances perfectly with the cool freshness of lemongrass to create this enticing blend. Its natural goodness and flavours are a balm for body and soul.


8. Red Berries Teavelope

Another exquisite infusion for berry aficionados, the Red Berries Teavelope imparts deliciously sweet, fruity flavours that are redolent of warm, balmy summers. As if that wasn’t temptation enough, each portion of tea is cocooned in a handy teabag, and individually wrapped to protect its flavour.


9. Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla

This traditional beverage from the South African red bush has been gently scented with pieces of vanilla – creating a truly delicious aromatic infusion. 


10. Best Balance

The third rooibos-based blend to make it into our top 10, this variety has a smooth, honey flavour, with tangy citrus undertones. It’s designed to refresh you in body and mind, and leave you with a feeling of balance and harmony.


27th March 2015

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